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Everything You Need to Know about Wearing Wigs in the Summer

by Helen

Wearing wigs is a creative way to have the hair look you’ve dreamed of without doing any damage to your own hair.

But, different from cold weather seasons, wearing wigs during summertime is very uncomfortable since the wigs can be hot and sticky on your head. This is why many women prefer to wearing their own hair in the style of braids or twists instead during summertime.

There’re many troubles with wearing human hair wigs during summer time since they’re made of real human hairs. But is it impossible to wear wigs in the summer? Absolutely NO! With the help of the following techniques, it would be a great pleasure to wear wigs in the summertime.

#1 Choose Shorter Styled Hair Wig

There’re multiple choices for you when purchase a human hair wig online, you can choose your favorite haircut, color and hairstyle. But remember, always try a shorter and more breathable hair look in the summertime. Long and complicated hairstyles always bring you hotter and more sweaty scalps.

Short hair is the secret to keep the hot off your neck. If you’re not the fan of pixie cut, why not try bob or medium hairs layered and curly! There’re still many wig choices for you to take on the summer only when you know how!

#2 Braid the Long Human Hair Wigs to Reduce Heat on Your Skin

If you really love long hair, braids are STYLISH! Braid down your long hair so that to let more cool air can touch your neck and head. Less sweat!!! Ponytails are also many girls’ choices during summertime. But in my personal opinion, ponytails don’t look natural when done on wigs.

#3 Wash Your Wigs Regularly

How often do you wash your wig, once a week, once every two weeks, or once one month?

Regular speaking, we should wash our human hair wigs as less as possible since wash too often will damage the wigs. But things are totally different in summertime.

During the summertime, excessive sweating always brings oils which can get clogged in your scalp and hair stands on your wig. So wash your wigs more often during summertime.

The temperature may continue to rise, but as long as you reduce that oil buildup by cleaning your wigs regularly, you will definitely feel much more confident and comfortable even on hot summertime.

#4 Avoid Direct Heat

Direct sunlight from the sun is very bad for human hair wigs. Try wearing a hat or a scarf. More to talk, store your wigs in a cool, room temperature spot in your home. Avoid keeping wigs in the car or windows where they will more than likely to be exposed to direct sunlight for hours at a time.

#5 Try Wearing Lighter Colors

Summer is not a suitable season to wear darker colored wigs. Darker hair colors attract more heat and light. It should be the best time to wear lighter colored human hair wigs!

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