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It is popular to buy all kinds of hair extensions, wigs etc at Aliexpress. To be honest I don’t know much about hair extensions but I do know how to find trustable sellers at Aliexpress. Therefore I have investigated the different hair vendors / shops at Aliexpress, I have received some product pictures and I have read a lot online about the business.

Therefore I can bring you a list of the best and most trustable hair sellers from the Aliexpress homepage. Below the list you can read further about prices, quality, color, attaching etc. This is mainly shops selling human hair extension, wigs etc.


Below you find the 10 best Aliexpress hair vendors judged upon quality, service, assortment, prices and their knowledge:


The price for real human hair extensions at Aliexpress range between $35 and $300 depending on quality, thickness and length of hair. Synthetic extensions and wigs are also available for less.


Aliexpress offers quality products if you choose quality shops. A lot of customers have given positive reviews regarding the high quality of the products available in the above stores. The collection features virgin hair that is thick and strong. It also gives a healthier look to your own hair. The high quality of extensions prevents shedding and keeps your hair extensions new, even after months of use. In the huge assortment of hair extensions, you will find various textures that could suit your natural hair as well as specific style.


Whether you choose Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, virgin hair or hair of any other origin, the extensions come in natural colours with mostly black in shade (from Chinese people but altered to suit you). These natural locks can be dyed in any shade to match the color of your own hair.


Usually hair extensions are attached by professional hair dressers but the Aliexpress hair extensions are quite easy to attach at home. The products are designed to offer easy attachment at home.

Aliexpress offers the cheapest online hair extensions that are made that are made of 100 percent human hair. But because there are an extensive list of hair sellers at Aliexpres it is sometimes difficult to find the good and trustable ones. The ones above are all professional and only offer high quality products. – Check out more hair at

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