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Best AliExpress Hair Vendors You Must Try (Updated 2020)

by Helen

Last updated on August 10, 2020.

Are you search for a list of the Best AliExpress Hair Vendors? Well, you have come to the right place.

Since AliExpress’ launch in 2014, there’re many hair vendors on the AliExpress platform come and go.

Each one is looking the same, sounding the same, promising to offer high-quality hair at affordable prices.

But how do you find the Best AliExpress Hair Vendors?

With so many negative hair vendors reviews filling the web, it can be difficult to select the real trusted AliExpress hair vendors.

If you’re not sure about selecting Best AliExpress Hair Vendors from hundreds of AliExpress hair vendors, let us help you. We’re a professional AliExpress review team. We compiled this list of the Best AliExpress Hair Vendors to save your time and energy. Most important  we hope this list can keep you away from getting scammed by bad AliExpress hair vendors.

You may know some of these brands already, we still hope it can bring you something you don’t know before.

What’s more, if you’re on a tight budget, this list should also serve you well since all these Best AliExpress Hair Vendors provide best prices.

Now let’s get started.

What We Reviewed AliExpress Hair Vendors Based On

Everyday we browse AliExpress.com to find a new AliExpress hair vendor. If we find a new AliExpress hair vendor, we will talk to them to confirm some details about their selling hair types, hair grades, shipping service, prices and so on as a buyer. If we think it’s OK. Then we will go to YouTube to see if there’re video reviews about this new vendor. We will read comments on black hair forums, check Google information and hair magazines to confirm it. We often buy their most classic hair bundle or a wig to test it. If finally they passed our test, we will add it to our Best AliExpress Hair Vendors.

We also keep reading online reviews and comments for other AliExpress hair vendors who joined AliExpress for years. No matter when the hair vendor joined AliExpress, we all add it to our top hair vendors list if they sell good hair for good price.

Almost every month, our team visits some hair factories in China to understand the real truth of human hair vendors. We keep good cooperationship with many Chinese hair factories. Once there’re new hair industry news and informations and new hair products, they will notify us.

We always know the new changes to the whole Chinese hair industry first.

Here’re the important factors of hair vendor that we’ve compared:

  • Open years of store
  • Customer feedbacks
  • Official store’s orders and followers
  • REAL YouTube reviews
  • See, touch, and even experience products (but not all)
  • Irregularly visit some factories

We do our best to ensure the AliExpress hair vendors we recommend are all reliable.

Every year AliExpress will improve its hair category. In 2017, AliExpress made a bold innovation to the human hair weave category and thousands of hair stores are shut down. In 2020, due to the coronavirus, AliExpress brought in many new hair vendors.

Before 2017, Chinese company made a request to AliExpress about opening a hair store on AliExpress. Then AliExpress will approve or reject their requests. After 2017, AliExpress refuses all online requests about opening hair stores on AliExpress. AliExpress has a professional apartment who keep visiting Chinese main hair market in Henan and Anhui. They will ask the factory or hair distributor to cooperate if they think they’re good.

AliExpress changed their hair industry standard to prevent some vendors that sell poor quality hair to consumers all over the world for short-term benefits. What AliExpress wants all the time is long-term good development.

Currently, AliExpress has defined the hair quality by Virgin, Remy and Non-Remy. This hair grade standard can help hair buyers to identify good hair vendors.

So we grouped all these favorite AliExpress hair vendors into three categories: Virgin, Remy and Non-Remy.

We divide AliExpress hair vendors of each category into four kinds: Diamond List, Platinum List, Newly Joined, Top Ten Last Month.

  • Diamond List – Our most strongly recommended hair stores. This list of AliExpress hair vendors have been built for years and with tons of positive customer feedback. Without hesitation, you can directly purchase from these hair vendors at ease.
  • Platinum List – This list of AliExpress hair vendors refer to the AliExpress hair vendors with positive feedback higher than 95%. If you choose this list, we recommend buying their best-selling hair products!
  • Newly Joined – This list includes relatively new hair stores that joined AliExpress in 2019 and after. What’s more, they offer quality hair products at reasonable prices. We will keep the list updating.
  • Top Ten Last Month – If you have a personal preference for purchasing products based on sales volume, this is probably your best option. We listed the Best AliExpress Hair Vendors who sell most in the prior month.

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Virgin Hair – The Highest Grade Hair

Diamond List AliExpress Virgin Hair Vendors (BEST RECOMMENDED)

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Platinum List (Virgin)

Back to Menu ↑

Newly Joined (Virgin)

Back to Menu ↑

Top Ten Last Month (Virgin)

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Remy Hair – The Middle Grade Hair

Diamond List AliExpress Remy Hair Vendors (BEST RECOMMENDED)


Back to Menu ↑

Platinum List (Remy)

Back to Menu ↑

Newly Joined (Remy)

Back to Menu ↑

Top Ten Last Month (Remy)

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Non-Remy Hair – The Best “Cheap” Hair

Diamond List AliExpress Non-Remy Hair Vendors (BEST RECOMMENDED)

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Platinum List (Non-Remy)

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Newly Joined (Non-Remy)

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