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Best AliExpress Lace Frontal Review

by Helen

This hair is from AliExpress Cexxy Hair Company. I’ve worked with them once or twice before, so I’ll try a new method and giving the review to this gorgeous frontal. Check out those edges girls, there’s literally as slight as ever. I’m going to show the new method that I use, which I’m sure some people have been using already. But I just decided to try something new.

We have three bundles and you guys know I am a “nine bundle” type of person but I know that a lot of you guys are not. The natural look is what you guys like. So this is all the hair that you get with a frontal and three bundles which I don’t think it’s too bad at all. It gives you a very natural look.

I am going to get a close-up, so you guys can see the lace. I guess you can see if you get real close, you can definitely see there’s some lace right there. I will say that I love this frontal. I’m not crazy about the hair. The hair is nice to me like it’s not bad, that is just what I used to. But I will say that their frontal bleached beautifully. And you guys know I’ve been using a new bleach to bleach my frontal, so that’s also been a lot of help to me. I just felt like I’ve had to revamp a lot of stuff that I was doing to make it to the next level.

I was getting a little bored and usually when I get bored it means that hey it’s time to change something. I’m obsessed with this look. This is my everyday look. I love how realistic this look. I have no hair out like at all.

This frontal came with pre plucked which I am obsessed with. I went ahead and modified it, and that did the whole thing too, but it didn’t take much you know. And I tried a new method for baby hair aspect of it to make it a little more realistic and it definitely came out to my liking. The luster is cool and because this isn’t a lot of hair, I’ve experienced very low maintenance as far as trying to upkeep this.

Across the board you got ten out of ten for me. My bundles are an 18, a 20, and a 22. So it has a very natural layer, and usually what I want to go for something that’s very realistic. These are the bundles I usually choose. My frontal is a 13 by 4 and it’s 14 inch, so this is like the natural fall of it. If you will like this is what it does naturally after hour just simply curl it. If you are looking for this particular look, you can get a 14 inch frontal and do a deep side part, then don’t cut it.

Yeah, this is a Brazilian straight and I believe I’ve had this origin of hair from Cexxy Hair before. I can’t remember exactly what my last ones have been. But I will say that. I am obsessed. I am totally obsessed with this look.

If you guys are interested in this hair, like I said, the frontals will came pre-plucked and then I modified it. Make sure you hit the click to find this amazing frontal from Cexxy Hair (store link: https://cexxyhair.aliexpress.com/store/237341) if you like it.

Links of the hair for your easy search:

Brazilian straight: http://ali.ski/xPB6u
13*4 lace frontal straight: http://ali.ski/bKYQM
Cexxy hair store link: https://cexxyhair.aliexpress.com/store/237341


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