Best AliExpress Lace Wig Vendors (January 2020)

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All AliExpress vendors in the below list focus on supplying various styles of lace wigs. It means their lace wigs sell best among AliExpress.

Comparing with virgin hair extensions and 360 lace frontals, many African American women prefer lace wigs since they can easily finish various hairdos by themselves at home. Well-done lace wigs can save us time and especially suit girls who’re not good at weaving hair bundles.

The following list is aimed at helping you shop good quality lace wigs from top reliable AliExpress hair vendors. All AliExpress vendors in the below list focus on supplying various styles of lace wigs. It means their lace wigs sell best among AliExpress hair buyers and they also release new styled lace wigs regularly!

Best AliExpress Lace Wig Vendors

(Built for years and popular all the time.)

The Wig Vendors who joined AliExpress 2018 and seems good based on their not many customer reviews. Maybe we should give them a try!

The Wig Vendors who joined AliExpress 2019 and have been receiving tens of positive customer reviews every month.

Top 10 This Month

(Selected on basis of the vendors’ total orders of December 2019.)

  1. ISEE Official Store, 3330 sales
  2. VOLYS VIRGO Official Store, 2160 sales
  3. ALI GRACE Official Store, 1650 sales
  4. Unice Hair, 2010 sales
  5. Ali Pearl Official Store, 1360 sales
  6. Modern Show Hair Store, 1160 sales
  7. sapphire Official Store, 1030 sales
  8. Beautiful Princess Hair, 950 sales
  9. Queen Mary Hair Store, 950 sales
  10. Slove Rosa Official Store, 870 sales

If you have any good AliExpress lace wig vendors to share, do not hesitate to tell us!

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Jade R
Jade R

Hey guys just wanted you all to know that I ordered a 14 inch free part lace front wig from **ELVA** and it arrived on time if not early and was beautiful, no shedding out the pack, I washed it with deep conditioner and used small amounts of leave in condtioner and oils and hunny it looks so damn good. I would order from them again


Luffy hair is horrible. I only wore my hair a week, constantly shedding and tangles. I washed it going that would help, it took and hour to detangle and lost so much hair. Smh


Please luffy hair is a mess. Very bad Communication. She dosnt Replay.


Yes I agree, I use to buy wigs from Luffy Hair but their wigs are hit and miss. Sometimes you get a good wig and sometimes you get a wig that is not so great. I use to buy a lot of wigs from different vendors from China until I had a bad reaction to a wig from a Chinese vendor and that is when I thought enough is enough! Because I need to wear wigs I was so skeptical but decided to try a few UK vendors which again was hit and miss but I bought the invisible frontal… Read more »


Agree my 10in and 12in from them was good a little big but it was like $60 6in lace front wig i liked it


i ordered from sunnyqueen hair i hope its worth it


Hi-did you like your wig?


We are looking for KOL bloggers now,hope we can cooperate and look forward to your reply soon

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