Best AliExpress Running Shoes Stores List

A pair of lightweight running shoes is a must-have purchase both for daily wear and sport occasion. There’re thousands of running shoes on AliExpress, how can you find a pair of cheap running shoes with good quality and affordable price?

This article can help you if you want to buy a pair of cheap Chinese running shoes from AliExpress. We listed the best Chinese running shoes brands with best technology here. We also listed the best running shoes models of AliExpress here considering performance and price. For people we want to buy a pair of Nike or Adidas from AliExpress, we have picked out the most reliable stores for you so you will not buy replicas.

How to Pick a Proper Pair of Running Shoes

Your ankles are subjected to a pressure of 2-3 times of body weight when running. Only a pair of proper running shoes can protect your feet from injury. When you’re running, arch is one of the important part of your foot which acts just like a slingshot. It is responsible for propelling the body, absorbing shocks when walking, adapting to uneven ground and increasing stability. If the arch is not obvious or too high, it will affect the stability of walking, so when you choose running shoes, you need to match your shoes to your arch.

Regularly, there’re 3 types of arches: normal arch, low arch and high arch. If you don’t know which type of arch you have, check the below guide:

Wet one of your feet (the bigger one) and step on a piece of paper, then observe the curve of your inner side of your foot.

  • Normal arch. If your arch is normal, a slight depression can be found in the middle of the footprint. For normal arch, most running shoes are suitable.
  • Low arch. Low arch is also known as flat feet. Due to the falling of the arch, the curvature of the medial arch of the foot is reduced, and the depression in the middle of the footprint is not obvious. People of low arch have overextended feet and their foot arch will fall after a long time of running. Then they will meet foot fatigue and knee pain. As for people of low arch, you should choose stable running shoes which can effectively reduce internal rotation. Running shoes with tougher sole and upper part should be your prefer choice.
  • High arch. The middle part of the foot print is more depressed due to the increase in the medial arch of the foot. For people of high arch, the rotation of ankles are insufficient which can’t offer sufficient suspension for the body while running. Lack of enough suspension, the waist, back and knee joints are vulnerable to trauma. When choosing running shoes for high arch, you must choose shoes with cushioning function.

Besides considering foot arch, you must choose a pair of running shoes with proper size. Even labeled for same shoe size, different brands of running shoes are different in size. This is also why difficult for us to buy running shoes online. But don’t worry, here is a secret for you to buy right size running shoes online. Remember the footprints we used before, find a ruler, measure how many centimeters your feet are, and choose shoes according to the length of your bigger foot. Your proper running shoes are generally 5-10cm longer than your feet. Take me as an example, my feet is 248cm long, I usually pick 255cm long running shoes. No matter which shoe brand I choose, this method always works right. I can always find my perfect running shoes.

After trying on, kneel to check if the bending performance of the running shoes is good. When buying running shoes, please wear the socks you often wear during running, fasten the shoe laces and adjust the tightness.

When trying on running shoes, you can transfer all your body weight to one foot and check if there is enough space for your toes.

Test the suspension performance of your running shoes.

Check if the running shoes’ heel is too high.

Check the support performance in the ankle area. Make sure the running shoes are strong enough to protect the foot and strengthen the heel stabilization to prevent the heel from turning.

Do not forget to consider the wear resistance of the shoes. When running on rough roads, you need to choose a more wearable sole material.

Best Chinese Running Shoes Brands on AliExpress

It’s definitely a good idea to buy a pair of cheap Chinese running shoes from AliExpress. It means you can buy a pair of good quality running shoes with less money. Among all these Chinese running shoes brands who sell on AliExpress, we picked out the 2 best ones for you.

Li Ning

Li Ning is the representative of all Chinese running shoes. Li Ning’s shoe technology like Li Ning yun, Li Ning arc, Li Ning bow represent the top technology of Chinese running shoes. Whether it’s basketball shoes or running shoes, Li Ning both represents the highest technical quality in China.

Technology: shock absorption, non-slip, wear-resistant, breathable, wrapped, support, ultra-light.

Suitable for pavement: trails, roads, runways, training.

Li Ning has its official store on AliExpress:


Xtep has been focusing on jogging shoes for a rather long time. Xtep Racing 160 has become the signature of Chinese jogging shoes. Since its born in 2018 spring, Xtep Racing 160 has been seen in Chinese marathon matches for many times. Its MD midsole is lightweight and excellent in elasticity and cushioning performance. The newest lightweight design makes the whole shoe only weight 160g. Xtep also has a variety of running shoes for amateurs.

Function: non-slip, breathable, wear-resistant, support, light, cushioning.

Suitable for pavement: trails, roads, runways, professional marathons.

Xtep also has its official store on AliExpress:

Best Chinese Running Shoes Models

Xtep RC 160

LiNing Super Light 15

Besides the above 2 recommended running shoes brands, there is still another Chinese running shoes brand you can consider. If you don’t request much on the professionalism of running shoes, just want to buy a good quality and good-looking running shoes, Erke can provide you cheaper prices.

World Famous Running Shoes Brands

If you decide to buy a pair of running shoes from world famous brands like Nike and Adidas from AliExpress, the below AliExpress running shoes stores label themselves selling originals instead of replicas.


Best sports stores(140967 followers,95.8 positive feedback, 12781 sold)


Wiwisport store (96.25 positive feedback, 2354 followers, brands: Nike, Adidas, converse,asics and puma)

Replica Running Shoes Stores

Howmai store(new balance, nike, adidas, asics)

Arsmundi store (adidas, new balance, kappa)

Putitower store (nike new balance)

Finney store( asics)

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