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Every mom needs a powerful baby stroller which can help to carry baby in the most comfortable way. A good baby stroller should be easy to carry, safe for baby to site or sleep, can hold many baby care products, and so on. A good baby stroller with well-known brand isn’t cheap and usually costs more than $1000. But it’s not right to pay extra money for the brand label. Raising a baby costs a lot of money. As a mom of 5 years old daughter, I save every penny I can.

The whole world’s moms love Chinese baby strollers for good quality materials, powerful functions and unexpected features you have never imagined. Most importantly, Chinese baby strollers are with very affordable prices.

If you want to buy baby stroller from China, AliExpress should be your first choice. There’re many Chinese baby stroller brands also selling on Amazon, but due to Amazon’s high trading fee and platform operation fee, as for same products, Amazon is usually with higher price.

Best AliExpress Baby Strollers Stores 2021

Best AliExpress Baby Strollers 2021

Dragon baby stroller

Price: $152.35

This is a beautiful stroller for your little one. Apart from being visually appealing, the stroller is highly convenient. It is light weight and can be used with adequate comfort. The bassinet design makes it ideal for young babies.

The direction of the bassinet can be changed as according to the convenience of the parent or caregiver. Folding ease makes it the ideal travel companion for frequent drives. The rubber wheels add extra protection to the safety quotient of the stroller. As additional measures a hand strap is provided.

The mattress is made up of high-quality bamboo mattress. The soft mattress makes your baby’s nap time enjoyable. Ample storage is provided under the bassinet. The mosquito net and the pump are useful tools provided with the stroller.

Other Features:

  • Basket can be used as a car seat
  • Two-way push design
  • Made with aluminum alloy frame

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Hot Mom Stroller

A chic stroller for the modern mom. The chic design is sure to make a few heads turn as you carry your precious little one in it. The canopy provides full coverage and can be adjusted to need. the bassinet is perfect for various sleeping positions.

The large wheels makes it ideal for all types of roads. Even on smoother surface the wheels work great. Made of super quality fabric, the stroller is soft for the baby’s journey. The metallic sheen makes it irresistible. Available in a wide-range of color, this stroller meets all the safety standards.

Price: $559


  • Egg seat design
  • Five-point seat belt
  • 3-angle adjustable seat

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Babalo Yoya Baby Stroller 5.8kg

Price: $85

The Baby Fond Stroller from the Joy Baby store is one of the most popular baby strollers on Aliexpress. It’s also the best selling.

Firstly, talking about the BabyFond stroller, the design is impeccable. It looks classy and comes in 10 amazing shades. It has the brown handles that look beautiful and gorgeous.

This product ships from China, Europe and Russia. One of the cool aspects of this baby stroller is the ancillary gifts that are shipped for free along with the stroller. That includes a cotton pad, summer mat, mosquito net, cup holder, wrist strap, storage bag, rain cover and an arm rest.

Coming to the product itself. The stroller has a light aluminum frame that can be easily folded with a single hand. It can also be dragged easily with a single hand like a carry on suitcase.

It weighs around 5.8 kgs and is pretty portable and can be easily carried inside flights. The push handle and handle bar are made of PU leather for ultimate comfort. It can be removed and cleaned as and when required.

The foldable canopy covers the cradle completely hence protecting the baby to the full. The backrest can be adjusted based on your requirement. From a seated position, all the way to a sleeping position.

The wheels have brakes to control the stroller. The base of the stroller has a mesh storage area where a lot of baby products can be placed and can be opened easily for the best convenience.

With a 4.8 rating and 260+ reviews, this is the best baby stroller on Aliexpress.

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BabyFond 3 in 1 Baby Stroller

Price: $220

Another Baby Fond product, but this time from the Bao Baby Stroller Store. It’s a top rated store with a 94.3% rating and 3200+ followers.

The strollers come in three gorgeous colours – Brown PU, Baby Pink and White PU. These are super stylish looking baby strollers that can be easily carried in high end and posh restaurants.

The products ship from China, Europe and Russia. Most locations have tax-free shipment.

This baby stroller is perfect for babies between the age of 6 months and 36 months. You can effectively use this stroller for 3 years with ease.

The product also includes a sleeping portable cradle, a baby car seat and comes with accessories such as leg cover, mosquito net, summer mat among others.

Although it’s 3 in 1, the baby cradle and the baby car seat can only be used for up to 1 year. The material of the baby stroller is PU which is tough strong leather protects during falls and also stops the harsh sun from penetrating through. PU leather is also waterproof. The frame of the stroller is an aluminium alloy that is strong and sturdy.

The 360-degree wheels can be moved in any direction without any stoppage. The basket can extend to a 180-degree angle or a sitting position.

The storage section below is at a good height from the basket which means you can keep tall objects in there.

You can replace the stroller basket to a car seat, if your baby is much smaller. The design of the baby car seat is ergonomic and protects the baby’s vital organs in case of impact.

The one downside is, it is not a compact stroller and is pretty big.

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