Best AliExpress Sellers of Nike Shoes 2022

The most popular sport shoe brands for daily wear in the current fashion world contain Nike, Adidas, Fila, Converse, Vans, etc. Almost every celebrity and super star has various styles of these brands of shoes in their wardrobe. Among these trendy shoe brands, Nike is the most popular one and sells best.

Nike has many series, like Air Force, Air Max, Jordan, React, and so on.

One pair of Nike shoes usually costs more than $100 and even higher than $300. But Nike lover always wants a few. So it couldn’t be better to find affordable Nike shoes vendors. AliExpress is a good place for you to find affordable Nike shoes.

Today we curated a list of Best AliExpress Shoes Vendors selling all series of Nike shoes.

#1 Sports101 Store

The best store for Nike shoes on AliExpress. Apart from Nike, you can get Converse, Adidas, Puma and other sport brands for super cheap!

Price Range: $40 – $200

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#2 Sports World Store

The Nike Shox TL which was first introduced in 2003 was reintroduced last March 2019. This made the model a big hit for loyal Nike brand collectors and new set of sneaker followers. Its Shox technology or mechanical cushioning it made for impact protection. With fans raving for this model it was easily sold out both in online and physical stores. Sports World is one of the stores that still offer the model. It is currently one of their fast selling products aside from other types of Nike basketball, running and skateboard shoes.

Price Range: $50 – $200

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#3 Olympic Sports Flagship Store

One of AliExpress’ top brand in shoe stores, Olympic Sports Flagship Store is now selling items that you will probably have a hard time looking for in other stores. Aside from the bestselling Air series, they have an All-star collection that includes the Kyrie Flytrap, Nike Formula 23, Nike Ambassador XI among others. They also have a collection of Roshe, the classic Cortez, and Lunarglide. They also sell different models of basketball shoes, running shoes, skateboard shoes, shirts, polo, jacket, pants and pullovers. Olympic Sports Flagship Store’s 5 years in the sporting goods business has given them a 93.8% positive feedback and almost 30,000 followers worldwide.

Price Range: $80 – $200

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#4 Sneaker Online Store

Running shoes are the most versatile shoes anyone must have. It goes well even in your most casual attire making it one of the sought after collections in every shoe brand. Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is the top selling item in Sneaker Online. The lightweight quick cushion feel, classic design and wider toe box make the Air Zoom Pegasus gives the feeling of almost not wearing any shoes which makes it the perfect trainer shoes for running.

Price Range: $50 – $300

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#5 best Sports stores

The best Sports stores is another top Nike seller on AliExpress that is rated 96.95. They sell a wide range of Nike’s that include Nike Air Max, Bootleg Nike Air Jordan, Nike Vapor Max, Nike Air Force, Nike Air Zoom, Nike Huarache.

They have the best rates in the market for the Nike Air Force 1 and the Nike Air Max 270.

Price Range: $60 – $220

[ Check the store out here ]

AliExpress Nike Shoes Review

Nike was named after the Greek goddess of victory that has been undeniably victorious in being the best in the sporting goods industry and the 14th most valuable brand in the world. Over the years, Nike has been giving sponsorship to athletes to promote their products some of which they have collaborated to do shoes with such as that of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan series.

Besides basketball shoes, Nike is also a top producer and manufacturer of running shoes, tennis shoes and all shorts of lifestyle sneakers. With their shoes being the best in the market, sometimes it is hard to get hold of their items whether it from their official online store or in their actual physical stores. It is a good thing that there’re other stores online that sell their shoes.

“Nike AliExpress” is one of the most popular terms exactly for the reason. There’s a huge demand!

Does AliExpress sell authentic Nike shoes?

Yes, there’re genuine sellers on AliExpress that sell authentic Nike shoes.

Does  Does AliExpress sell replica Nike shoes?

There’re shoe sellers on AliExpress that deal with a variety of replica Nike shoes. This is one of the reasons why AliExpress is so popular these years. People can spend a bit of the original to buy a 100% same products. Usually the sellers will tell you the truth if they’re selling replicas. AliExpress will also guarantee it. Actually speaking, the replicas selling on AliExpress are mostly with TOP quality. Almost all famous brands’ products are made in China so many Chinese factories are with excellent techniques to offer TOP quality products.

How much are Nike shoes in China?

Nike shoes aren’t as cheap as one would expect from China. But they might be cheaper than what you get at a retail store in the U.S. for example and that is because the costs of transportation, paying the retail rent are all negligible. If you find Nike shoes from China for super cheap, they are very likely replicas.

Are shoes from AliExpress good?

Shoes from Aliexpress are pretty good. Most shoe companies manufacture their products in China and they make some super sturdy and high quality shoes. Simply put, cheap shoes from Aliexpress are likely to be much better than cheap shoes you get from anywhere else.

How can I get cheap shoes from China?

You can get cheap shoes from China through Aliexpress who have a host of sellers who deal with cheap and affordable shoes. Shoes from China are great in terms of style, budget and durability.

What you need to know before buying Nike shoes on AliExpress?

Buying shoes from Aliexpress may seem like a simple task, but it could go wrong and here are a few tips to keep you safe when buying those Nike Aliexpress shoes!

Buy from the right seller

We’ve made a list of the best value Nike shoe sellers for this reason. There are a lot of sellers who are not trustworthy. Here are a few steps to identifying a good Nike seller on Aliexpress

  • Has been around for a few years
  • Has a good rating on the store
  • Has a good rating on the products
  • Has a good response rate
  • Has a good return and replacement policy

Check the size of the Nike Shoe you are buying

Nike shoes from China MIGHT be different from the ones you buy from the U.S, U.K or Europe because of the size differences. A size 5 or 6 in China is different from a size 5 or 6 in the U.S. This is because Asian feet are much smaller. So make sure to check the size guide before you buy your shoes!

Choose the right shipment type

Cheap shipment isn’t always the best shipment. If you want your Nike sneakers from China to come quickly, then you better choose FedX or DHL as the shipment partner. If you do choose Free shipping, it might take some time as the local Chinese post or the postal system in your country might be a bit slow.

Communicate with the seller

When in doubt, always communicate with the seller. Ask them questions regarding the shoes you want to buy, ask them send pictures etc. Their answers will help you decide if they are the right seller or not.

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