Best AliExpress Sneakers Sellers List 2019

Sneakers have become one of the most popular streetwear accessories in the past half century. Sneakers’ prices vary a lot from dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. The most popular sneaker brands contain Nike, Adidas, Fila, Converse, New Balance, Lining, and more.

Almost every sneaker brand has its own online store. You can buy your favorite sneaker model from its official online store. But the official prices are mostly higher, only with discount on special holidays.

So I did some searching on AliExpress. I found there is an ocean of sneaker sellers there. Some sell authentic sneakers with discount prices while another sneaker sellers sell replica sneakers with very affordable prices.

LINING Official Store

Li-Ning is a leading athletic footwear and apparel brand founded by Chinese medal-winning gymnast Li Ning in 1990. With many years’ development,  Li-Ning has become the representative national sport brand of China. Li-Ning’s company spirit is Anything Is Possible.

Why people wearing Li-Ning sneakers are less than people wearing other sport brands like Nike and Adidas?

It’s Li-Ning’s dark history. At the beginning of Li-Ning’s foundation, Li-Ning copied other big sport brands like Nike and Adidas’ sneakers’ appearances and features. Its sneakers sell very well at the first beginning but soon along with Chinese sneaker consumers’ awakening of copyright awareness, people stopped buying Li-Ning’s copy sneakers. Then Li-Ning stopped copying other brands and designed their own sneakers with unique outer looks and features.

Although Li-Ning has stopped copying and designed their own styled sneakers, people still remember its dark copy history.

The midsoles of Li-Ning sneakers use Li Ning company’s cloud technology and can reduce the most energy produced during the normal movements through structural damping. Li-Ning sneakers’ soles use rubber and EVA materials so as to ensure the shoe lifetime.

You may say Li-Ning’s cloud technology can not compare zoom and boost. But Li-Ning sneakers’ prices are much lower than Nike, Adidas and New Balance.

So if you plan to buy a pair of good sneakers but don’t want to spend a lot of money or buy a replica sneaker, you can choose Li-Ning.

Li-Ning’s Popular Sneakers for 2019:

Li-Ning Official Store link on AliExpress:

Shopping Tip:

Sneakers sold from the Li-Ning official Store on AliExpress are all real. Don’t believe other websites or stores who sell Li-Ning sneakers with very much cheaper prices than AliExpress official Li-Ning store.

Best AliExpress Sneakers Sellers List – 2019


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