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Best AliExpress Virgin Hair Vendors

by Helen

“Virgin Hair” x AliExpress

When it comes to the recent trend of us women ditching beauty supply packs of Milky Way and buying expensive virgin hair, whether Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, or a million things in between, ladies everywhere are on the hunt for the best supplier. As someone who dyed hair weaves for clients (I was a colorist for about a year) on almost a daily basis, I got a lot of experience with the good, the bad, and they ugly when it comes to virgin hair and its suppliers. Hair vendors on AliExpress have recently become the most popular “cheap” option for obtaining this highly sought after hair. There are a few things that you need to know about buying hair on AliExpress (or anywhere else) before choosing ANY vendor (even the ones suggested), so read the tips below before you head over to the site!


1. The Hair You Think Is Better Than AliExpress Hair, Is Probably AliExpress Hair

What I mean by this is that a lot of new “hair companies” find the cheaper prices of virgin hair on AliExpress, get a trusted supplier that they feel will leave their friends and clients happy, then up the price and pretend that it’s luxury hair that comes from the country of origin. I’ve seen this happen a lot on Instagram, and even some stand alone sites. If a company doesn’t even have a website, or has just a janky big cartel store, then most likely it’s a dead giveaway that they didn’t spend thousands of dollars on wholesale hair stock from Brazil. Use AliExpress yourself to cut out the $100+ charge from the middle man. Or use a reputable (yet VERY expensive) company such as Indique, Bella Dream, Sassy Mitchell, etc if you’re willing to pay that much anyway.

2. AliExpress Is Based In CHINA

This means that there are going to be some things you should pay attention to when it comes to shipping. All of the vendors I recommend take usually only around 3 days to express ship hair bundles free to the US. However, for single bundles, one lace closure, or some other different products, they may charge around $20+ for shipping, or choose a free shipping method that takes anywhere from 10-25+ days. Be sure to look at the shipping amount, method, and days before making any order in any store on AliExpress.

3. Is This Authentic Virgin Hair From The Country Of Origin?

Obviously, Brazilian hair and Indian hair do not originate in China. Therefore, the hair from any of these vendors on this site is not (to me) guaranteed to be truly authentic or even truly virgin, regardless of what they say. If it was “unprocessed”, you wouldn’t be able to choose color options or receive bundles that are all the exact same pattern. For me, for those last two reasons alone, I actually prefer that the hair is processed, so that all of my bundles match. HOWEVER, what is important to me (and most people) is the hair quality (that it is actually 100% human), that it’s true to pattern, that it can be used with heat tools and dyed, and that it lasts for a long period of time. If those are your main priorities when shopping for hair, then you may now (finally) continue on to my suggestions for hair on AliExpress.

My Choices for Best Virgin Hair Vendors On AliExpress:

Rosa Hair Products

Ali Queen Hair Products

New Star Hair

Luvin Hair Products

Additional Tips:

Make sure any vendor you purchase from on AliExpress has a high rating (diamonds or crowns) and a great feedback score (96% and above). Also, check the feedback on the individual product that you want to buy. A vendor might have previous positive feedback on other hair products or virgin hair bundles, but a new item they are offering may not be as good.

Also, the hair bundle pictures may be unique to the store, however most pictures with an actual model are stock images that you’ll see in a bunch of other stores, or photos of celebrities that don’t wear these brands of hair (most common in the wig section). For a more accurate look, search the reviews from YouTuber’s on the AliExpress hair brand that you’re interested in purchasing!

Article Source: Lindsey Mermaid

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charmaine burns October 30, 2016 - 6:16 pm

Hi helen, What is a good vendor with great wholesale pricing but also gteat quality?


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