Best Amazon Hair Extensions Review vs AliExpress

AliExpress is still popular for hair extensions because of cheap prices, good quality and various styles. But there’re more and more girl who try Amazon for purchasing hair extensions. Like AliExpress, there’re plenty of hair extensions sellers on Amazon and not all of them offer great quality hair extensions.

The Amazon hair extensions sellers we’re talking about today is the ones who both have their stores on AliExpress and Amazon. Duce to Amazon Fulfillment Program or FBA, many AliExpress hair extensions sellers can store their hair products in Amazon warehouse in America or UK. Therefore, when we buy hair extensions from Amazon, we can receive same good quality hair extensions faster (and cheaper most of times.)

You may say many AliExpress hair extensions sellers offer free fast shipping like DHL or UPS. Trust me, the shipping price is already included in the product price.

Here is an example from AliQueen Amazon vs AliExpress store:

From the above picture you can see for same hair extension, Amazon price is cheaper with almost $5 and the shipping time is 4 times faster. It’s not because AliExpress hair extensions sellers want to be expensive, but because of shipping and logistics.

The following best Amazon hair extensions sellers list is a must have if you buy frequently Amazon hair extensions because is integrated with trusted AliExpress hair sellers by feedbacks, reviews, videos and community tested sellers and hair. Unfortunately, now all AliExpress hair extensions sellers have Amazon stores. So enjoy them!

Best Hair Extensions Sellers Both Have Stores on Amazon and AliExpress:

Amazon Hair Extensions Review Photos

If you have any improvements for this Best Amazon Hair Extensions list, leave a comment and we will check.


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