Best Amazon Hair Vendors 2022 (September 2022)

Besides AliExpress, Amazon is another good place to buy good quality human hair extensions & wigs. Frankly speaking, Amazon and AliExpress share a large part of Chinese hair vendors. It means many Chinese hair vendors who have stores on AliExpress also list their most popular hair items on Amazon.

The following reviewed lists will help you to have a brief and general understanding about best Amazon hair vendors. They’re selected by most girls’ shopping experience, total positive feedback, total sold number and product quantity.

After checking all found reliable Amazon hair vendors’ main popular hair products and customer reviews, we divided all we found reliable Amazon hair vendors into 3 grades, Excellent, Great and Good.

  • Excellent Amazon hair vendors provide the best hairs, best prices and best shipping services. They all have a wide range of human hair weaves & closures of recent years’ popular hair textures, like straight, body wave, curly, deep wave, afro curly, water wave, etc. All their hair bundles & closures use best quality hair raw materials and best lace materials including HD lace. As for Excellent Amazon hair vendors, you can buy from them with full trust!
  • Great Amazon hair vendors provide smaller amount of hair products than Excellent Amazon hair vendors. But almost all their online hair products sell very well and receive many many high positive reviews from their customers.
  • Good Amazon hair vendors refer to the ones who sell only several (even less than 5) hair products but their online hair products sell hot and receive many positive reviews, or who have many different textured hair bundles & closures but only a small part of them sell well and receive many positive reviews from their customers. As for Good Amazon hair vendors, you should check their bestsellers and read their customer reviews before placing your hair order!

Excellent Amazon Hair Vendors


Great Amazon Hair Vendors


Good Amazon Hair Vendors



Best Amazon Hair Vendors Also Sell Through AliExpress

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16 thoughts on “Best Amazon Hair Vendors 2022 (September 2022)

  1. Many popular AliExpress hair vendors also built their official stores on Amazon. As for hair buyers, if they don’t want to waste even a coin, compare the prices of same hair vendors both on AliExpress and Amazon before placing orders are very necessary.

  2. As for same hair sellers, buy from AliExpress or Amazon doesn’t differ. Both of them are with photo reviews. But since as an old shopping platform, Amazon is more strict on their third-party vendors.

  3. Many AliExpress and Amazon hair sellers also built their individual official websites where you can also purchase hair items. But frankly speaking, I strongly recommend you purchasing from AliExpress or Amazon instead of these kinds of individual retailer sites. Undoubtedly they’re trustworthy. But for better after sales service, we may prefer to ALIEXPRESS OR AMAZON.

  4. Everyone talks about Aliexpress Hair it’s never goodluck to me so i decided to order hair from The hair arrived very quick and only cost 89.99 for 3 bundles.

  5. In fact, there is a great selection of like hair products featured on Amazon as competitive prices and great deals on shipping.

  6. I never write comments, and am usually extremely disappointed with hair extensions. but ali queen is the exception.

  7. The hair feels amazingly real but I’m extremely pissed off about the fact that the description says “no chemicals and can be dyed, bleached, and straightened yet when I tried to bleach it nothing happened. It looked like I just bleached and rinsed some dye out of it. I wouldn’t buy this if you plan to bleach it for anything.

  8. I bought the hair from Amazon and it is good no shedding good deal for the price the quality of the hair is very good I split my tracks in half to spread the hair and I got a full hair do I’m ordering another 3 bundles as we speak

  9. QT hair needs to come off the list pronto. They are indeed th absolute worst. They only have high markings because they pay people. If you write a bad review, they will contact you and offer to refund your money for a good one. There are other trash providers on this list as well but OT hair takes the cake,

    1. Hi Valin,

      Thanks for your suggestion. We have removed QThair since there’re other girls who have same experiences like you. But can you share your experiences with us by pictures? Sharing is always caring. Our email is

      Best regards,

  10. Sunny Hair is no good. Shedding is horrible, tangling, and bleaching only made it worse. I also sealed the wefts and that did not help.

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