Best Antiviral Masks Guide | Let’s Fight COVID19 Together

As we all know that the COVID19 is spreading fast around the whole world now. I almost fell off the chair when I checked the prices of surgical medical masks on AliExpress. One surgical medical mask what cost $0.1 now cost $1 even. The prices of similar protective masks in China keeps dropping but the masks from China remain expensive since other countries are still very short on masks.

There’re many types of masks selling online who label themselves can fight coronavirus. Here is a guide for you to know what type of masks are right for the COVID19.

  1. Surgical Medical Mask

It couldn’t be better if you can buy surgical medical masks. 

  1. Ordinary Medical Mask

If you can’t places to buy surgical medical masks, the ordinary disposable medical masks can also protect you from the Covid19.

  1. N95

It’s even better than the surgical medical mask.

  1. KN95

KN95 is still better than the medical masks, but it’s cheaper than the N95 masks.

  1. KF94/KF95

KF94/KF95 is korea certification. They’re equal to KN94/KN95.

 I need all your guys’ attention here! 

Please don’t buy cotton masks any more. It’s useless to fight coronavirus. Please take a look at these masks who’re useless to the Covid-19:

Shop Masks from AliExpress Product – Dust Masks Face Mask Disposable and Anti-Dust Reusable N95 mask N95 Filter respirator gas mask n95 kn95 3/4/5 layer Breathable Product – FFP2 N95 6 Layers Mask Bacteria Proof Anti Infection Face Masks Mask Particulate Mouth Respirator Anti PM2.5 Safety Dust Mask Product – WEST BIKING Cycling Face Mask Sport Training Mask N95 PM2.5 Anti-pollution Running Mask Activated Carbon Filter Washable Mask Product – Disposable Masks 10/50 pcs Mouth Mask 3-Ply Anti-virus Anti-Dust FFP3 KF94 N95 Nonwoven Elastic Earloop Salon Mouth Face Masks Product – Ship Immediately KN95 Mask PM2.5 Mouth Nose Disconnect-type Mask N95 Anti-dust Masks Antiviral Activated Carbon Patented Product Product – 100pcs Children’s masks disposable masks nasal masks anti-virus breathable anti-haze breathable masks Product – N95 Medical Mask Non-Disposable FDA NIOSH Safety Protection Anti Virus Mask Healthy Air Filter Respirator IN STOCK Face Mask Hot Product – 10 pcs KN95 Dustproof Anti-fog And Breathable Face Masks 95% Filtration Mouth Masks 3-Layer Mouth Muffle Cover Product – Reusable Face Mask Cotton PM2.5 Adjustable Active Carbon Face Mask Protective Belt Anti Virus and Anti Foam with 10 Filters Product – 10Pcs N95 Face Mask Sponge Black Breathable Mouth Mask Reusable Anti Pollution Face Shield Wind Anti Haze Bacteria FPP2 PM2.5 Product – Disposable Masks Medical Mask Surgical Mask 3-Ply Anti-Dust Nonwoven Elastic Earloop Mouth Face Masks Product – 3pcs 3M FFP3 9334CV Dust Mask Aura Respirator Protective Mask Anti-PM2.5 Filter Oily Non-oily Particulates Haze Weather Product – Creative protective face shield Kitchen Oil-Splash Proof Mask Transparent Virus protection mask hot sell Product – Protective Mask Anti-Virus Mouth Nose Protection Anti-Fog Splash-Proof Eye Protection Dust-Proof Cover Product – 1PC Protective Adjustable Anti Droplet Dust-proof Full Face Cover Mask Visor Shield Droplet virus Windproof Face Shield Washable Product – Kids Dustproof Anti Spitting Protective Mask Visor Hat Face Shield Fisherman Outdoor windproof dustproof anti virus sun Cap Product – NEW Children Antibacterial Anti Fog Dust Cap 2 In 1 Hat For Kid Anti Flue Spittle Anti Dust Cover Full Face Eye Protect Hat Mask Product – Transparent Protective Face Shield Mask Dust-Proof Oil-Proof Anti-Splash Anti-Droplets Anti-virus Face Protection Mask Product – Transparent Anti Virus Protective Mask Anti-spitting Anti-droplet Splash-Proof Hat Fisherman Cap Product – Coverall Hazmat Suit Protection Protective Disposable Anti-Virus Clothing Disposable Factory Hospital Isolation Safety Clothing Product – Professional Medical Protective Clothing White Coverall Hazmat Suit Hospital Disposable Anti-Virus Isolation Protective Clothing Product – 100/25PCS Disposable Latex Medical anti-virus Gloves Universal Cleaning Work Finger Gloves Protective for Safety Black ST04 Product – Medical Gloves Single Used Anti-virus Environmental Protection Gloves Hygiene Transparent Food Grade Protection Isolation Product – 100pcs/lot Disposable Latex Medical anti-virus Gloves Universal Cleaning Work Finger Gloves Protective Food Cosmetic for Safety Product – 10/50/100 PCS Disposable Anti-virus Gloves Latex Universal Gloves For Dishwashing Kitchen Medical Work Rubber Garden Product – 100pcs/lot Disposable Latex Medical anti-virus Gloves Universal Cleaning Work Finger Gloves Protective Food for Safety Blue ST02 Product – in stock !Safety Medical Goggles Lab Glasses Protective Virus Anti Fog Chemical Eyewear Product – Protective Safety Glasses Work Anti Virus Eye Anti-Fog Antisand windproof Anti Dust Saliva Transparent Goggles Eye Protection Product – Workplace Medical Face Masks Safety Goggles Eyes Protection Clear Glasses Wind and Dust Anti-virus Anti-fog Protective Glasses Product – HEMEIEL 75% Alcohol Disposable Hand Sanitizer Gel Disinfecting Hand Wash Gel Anti Virus Bacteria Aloe Vera Hand Soaps Quick Dry Product – 50ml Travel Portable Hand Sanitizer Anti-Bacteria Anti-virus Moisturizing Disposable Instant Outdoor Cleansing Hand Sanitizer Product – Hand Sanitizer Gel Disinfectant Anti Bacteria Virus Hands Gel Disposable Waterless Hand Wash Soap Portable Safe Gel Quick Dry Product – Anti Virus 75% Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes Disposable Hand Wipes Skin Cleaning Bacteria Disinfection Wipes Alcohol Cotton Pieces Product – 3pcs Wash-free Hand Sanitizer Portable Alcohol Disinfectant Antibacterial No-hurt Hand Gel Anti-virus Disposable Disinfection Ho

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  1. Please note, the information on this page regarding the activated carbon filtered mask is incorrect. Please read peer reviewed research before posting misguided information.


    1. Before publishing this article, we have done a little research. The doctors and professional people who work in virus researching said the activated carbon filtered mask isn’t safe enough to fight COVID19.

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