Best Biker Shorts on Amazon: BALEAF Women’s 8″/ 7″/ 5″ High Waist Biker Shorts (Review)

Whether for working out or working from home, these fit the bill.

Whether for workouts or regular casual days at home (on or off the clock), this biker short can guarantee your needs for needing a professional fitness short that’s flexible, have a high waist, and also allow enough room to breathe and eat.

This Baleaf Biker Shorts are an affordable pair that feel great, are available in different colors and inseam lengths, and have the ideal level of high-waistedness. Both the 8-inch and 5-inch inseams in black are now staples in my wardrobe.

Made of polyester and spandex, Baleaf’s Biker Shorts have that smooth, elastic texture typically found in leggings without feeling rough or stifling. They are also equipped with three pockets that are surprisingly deep for leggings pockets, though whatever you put in them will make an obvious bulge.

These shorts are available in sizes XS to 3X, and able to accommodate waist sizes from 22.5 to 40 inches. I’d advise consulting the size guide and actually measuring yourself before buying these — it would be a good idea to size up if you’re in between sizes.

The one design caveat I will point out is that these leggings have a lot of seams on them, including one right down the front that bisects my pelvis area. So even though some of the reviews warned me about the possibility of camel toe, I chose to ignore them, only to discover … that they weren’t completely wrong. If I’m being honest, though, I don’t care. I can accept that they’re not *fashion* shorts, and the seam isn’t noticeable enough to be a dealbreaker for me.

When it’s hot out or when I want something flexible and soft to work out in, Baleaf’s Biker Shorts fit the bill. They may be more function than form, with their multiple pockets and comically excessive seams, but for just over $20, they also meet the Goldilocks standard of affordable and comfy WFH athleisure.

BALEAF Women’s Biker Shorts (8-Inch Inseam)



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