Best Cheap Rolex Submariner Watch Alternatives on AliExpress | 2020 Reviews

Statistics show that 60% luxury watch buyers will choose Rolex when buying their first luxury watch. Among all Rolex watches, Rolex Submariner is the best selling and most popular style.

Rolex Submariner is a line of sports watches designed for diving and manufactured by Rolex, and are known for their resistance to water and corrosion. It is part of Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual line.

There’re 8 classic models of watches in Rolex Submariner line. The prices vary from $12,000 to $50,000.

Best Cheap Rolex Submariner Watch Alternatives on AliExpress

It’s very difficult to find Rolex watch replicas on AliExpress now. Frankly speaking, most replica watches are made by very small workshops. There’re many replica watch vendors who say their watches are made in very big Chinese watch factories. Lie! Very big lie! Real Chinese big watches produce watches for brands. They won’t like to take the risk of being published by Chinese government then they will lose many money rewards of one to three years.

There’re maybe some workshops with great technicians. But you should have good luck. Many replica watches are with 90% same appearances but very poor materials. The most terrible thing is their watch movements are poor, especially mechanical movements. It will not be inaccurate and stop working soon after receiving.

Also the prices for replicas are very high.

Instead of buying poor quality replicas, you can choose some Chinese watch brands who have their own brands. Their watches look similar to the real Rolex watches, but not same. But their qualities perfect and prices are very good.

Here’re a list of Best AliExpress Watch Vendors who sell Rolex style watches:

Best Cheap Rolex Submariner Watch Alternatives on AliExpress

How to find cheap Rolex watches on AliExpress?

How do I find cheap Rolex watches on AliExpress? This question is popular in various watch forums and discussion groups of Facebook and Reddit, but usually the answers are usually not very helpful.

With this article we intend to give you a good answer for this question.

What words can I use to find cheap Rolex watches on AliExpress?

AliExpress vendors like using some specific words to make the replica products. Don’t put the brand name Rolex in the search form of AliExpress or you will get nothing related results.

You can use the specific features’ names, model ids and line names to search, like submariner watch, 116610LV, date watch, etc.

You can also use some common words like luxury brand watch to try your luck.

Acronyms like RLX watch, roleingly are also OK.

What you need to pay attention?

Logo. In many cases the vendors delete the logo of the photos listed on AliExpress to avoid getting into trouble with the law, although the product that comes home will have the logo well placed.

Contact the seller to make sure there will be logo if you want logo.

Quality of Rolex replicas on AliExpress

The quality and durability is usually quite good, obviously the more we spend the better we get home. Buy the Rolex replica watches higher than $50.

Check the comments of customers and take a look at the reputation of the vendor. This will tell you if their watches are of good quality.

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