Best Cheap Shipping Label Printers on AliExpress 2021

I have been selling on AliExpress for quite a long time. As a seller, I know it can be quite a strenuous job to handle an AliExpress store. First of all I must make sure all orders will be shipped out on time and without any delays. Packaging and shipping preparations cost a large amount of time. A good label printer can save you lots of energy and time. Today I’m going to share a list of Best Cheap Label Printers on AliExpress. These label printers work for all online shopping platforms, not only including AliExpress.

Best Cheap Label Printers on AliExpress 2021

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Things to consider when buying a label printer:

Apart from the label printer and the thermal printing technique, there are several other important considerations that you need to ponder over when you are planning to buy a label printer.

Size of Shipping Labels

The first criterion to contemplate is the size of your shipping labels that you want to use. You should take into consideration the carrier that you will be using before choosing a size. Every carrier has a different supported size, so make sure you take note of that. For instance, if you always use FedEx labels, you should choose a label printer that has a standard size.

The Connection between Printer and Software

The next criteria to look for is how the printer connects to your computer and its software. Most of the label printers that you get today to connect with your computers using USB. However, there are some that also connect using other modes such as serial port, parallel port, or Ethernet. If you want, you can also get other printers that connect using WiFi and Bluetooth. You can choose a printer that suits your needs so as to make the job of printing shipping labels easy for you.

And finally, you need to see that the drivers needed for your label printer are available in your computer. You will not always find official drivers by Mac that would work for your label printer. However, that should not pose an issue for you as you can easily install software and start using your label printer.

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