Best Coronavirus Masks to Buy on AliExpress

We have handpicked the best coronavirus masks on AliExpress to help you and your family stay safe and secured against COVID-19 spread.

As at the time of writing this post, according to the figures confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO), there’re more than 1.6 millions confirmed cases, 99,887 deaths and over 200 countries currently trying to control a global pandemic called CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19).

Confirmed cases of the 10 most affected countries till 2020/4/12, 4:00am CEST.

  • United States of America (USA) – 461,275
  • Spain – 157,022
  • Italy – 147,577
  • Germany – 117,658
  • France – 89,683
  • The United Kingdom (UK) – 70,276
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of) – 70,029
  • Turkey – 47,029
  • Belgium – 26,667
  • Switzerland – 24,228

These figures keep rising everyday and has already created a worldwide turmoil.

Many countries has closed their borders, restrict human movement, shut down schools, forbid social gathering, advise people to keep staying at home in order to reduce / fight the spread of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Keep yourself  and your whole family safe becomes a major priority now!

Why You Need to Wear a Face Mask against Coronavirus?

Coronavirus COVID-19 is spread through coughing, sneezing or getting in touch with an infected people.

Wearing a face mask can protect you from absorbing coronavirus droplets when outside and in a place where there’re people who already got infected. It can also stops you from touching your mouth or noses with an infected hand. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends frequent hand wash with at least 75% alcohol-based hand rub, soap and water. Simply speaking, wearing a face mask can prevent you from getting or spreading coronavirus in public.

How to Wear a Face Mask to Protect Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), here is a how to wear a face mask properly to guide you against coronavirus:

  • Before putting on a mask, clean hands with at least 75% alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • Cover mouth and nose with mask and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.
  • Avoid touching the mask while using it; if you do, clean your hands with at least 75% alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • Replace the mask with a new one as soon as it is damp and do not re-use single-use masks.
  • To remove the mask: remove it from behind (do not touch the front of mask); discard immediately in a closed bin; clean hands with at least 75% alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

 Warm Prompt: 

Since wearing a face mask can’t 100% guarantee that you wouldn’t be infected with coronavirus. The best way to keep you and your family safe is to stay at home, avoid crowded space, social distancing and constantly wash your hands with at least 75% alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

Difference between a Coronavirus Mask and a Respirator Mask

A coronavirus mask (we mean N96 without respirator, KN95 and surgical masks here) and a respirator mask are designed differently to serve different purposes. A coronavirus mask is a small piece of cloth people use to keep the germs from their coughs and sneezes to themselves, or to prevent picking up other people’s viruses and bacteria. A respirator mask is more sturdily designed than a coronavirus mask and it contains a respirator that prevents much smaller particles from passing through to a person’s respiratory system. Two of the most common respirator masks are N95 masks and N99 masks, which, when used correctly, prevent 95 percent and 99 percent, respectively, of airborne particles from entering a person’s mouth or nose.

Because they filter out smaller particles, respirator masks also typically protect against different kinds of pathogens. Common coronavirus masks protect against droplet-spread infections, like influenza and other common respiratory infections. N95 and N99 respirator masks can protect against airborne illnesses like measles, chickenpox, or tuberculosis.

Most illnesses are spread by droplets, including COVID-19. So a respirator mask is considered a higher-level method of protection only needed for airborne illnesses. Since the respirator masks cost HIGH and N95 masks (with or without respirator) are very short around the whole world, let’s leave them to the doctors and nurses who need higher protection. As for personal protection in daily life, KN95 masks and surgical masks are safe enough.

There’re also many people who buy respirators. Most respirators are reusable. If want to wear individual respirators, be sure you sterilize it after wearing every time! In this special condition, we strongly recommend disposable masks.

Best Coronavirus Masks to Buy on AliExpress

The best coronavirus (COVID-19) masks are FFP3 mask, N95 mask and FFP2 mask. But these three kinds of coronavirus masks are expensive. There’re alternatives, KN95 mask and surgical medical mask. These two types of coronavirus masks cost less and still works well on protecting you from the coronavirus.

Warm Prompt:

Homemade masks aren’t good enough because they do not guarantee or provide enough protection against coronavirus. Also reusable cloth masks aren’t advisable because they may even increase your chance of coronavirus infection.

We have an article to guide you what types of masks work on preventing from coronavirus, here is the link:

Best Antiviral Masks Guide | Let’s Fight COVID19 Together

Best Coronavirus Masks to Buy on AliExpress Product – Xiaomi mijia Smartmi Anti-Haze KN95 Professional Protective Face Cover Face Mask PM2.5 Haze Mask FFP2 From Xiaomi Youpin Product – ROCKBROS Cycling Face Mask Filter PM2.5 Anit-fog Breathable Dustproof Bicycle Respirator Sport Protection Dust Mask Anti-droplet Product – SJL ZW 6800 suit 7pcs Large View Full Gas Mask Full Facepiece Respirator Painting Spraying Silicone Mask Product – 3 Laye Mask dust protection Masks Disposable Face Masks Elastic Ear Loop Disposable Dust Filter Safety Mask Anti-Dust Product – ROCKBROS Bicycle Face Mask Breathable Foldable HD Transparent Washable Dust-proof Protection Mask Caps Used With Mascarilla Mask Product – 10 Pcs KN95 Mask 95% Filtration Cotton Mouth Mask Anti Bacterial Dust Protection 4 Filters against Droplet Mask Unisex 20 Reuses Product – Xiaomi Hootim Electric Anti-Haze PM2.5 Sterilizing Anion Mask Provides Active Air Supply Electric Face Mask From Xiaomi Youpin Product – Xiomi Mijia Airpop light 360 Degree Air Wear PM2.5 Anti-haze Mask Adjustable ear hanging Comfortable For xiaomi smart home Product – 50PCS Disposable Protective Mask 3 Layers Dustproof Facial Protective Cover Masks Maldehyde Prevent bacteria anti-virus Masks Product – 10 pcs KN95 Dustproof Anti-fog And Breathable Face Masks 95% Filtration Mouth Masks 3-Layer Mouth Muffle Cover Fast Shipping Product – FFP3 Dust Mask KN95 Valve Mask 5 Layer Flu Anti Infection N95 Protective Face Masks ffp2 Respirator PM2.5 Safety Same As KF94 Product – 1-10-25pcs 3M 9502V+ KN95 Mask N95 face mask Respirator Safety Mouth Masks disposable mask respirator Features as KF94 FFP2 FFP3 Product – 50pcs In stock!Disposable Masks Mouth Mask 3-Ply Anti-Dust FFP3 KF94 N95 Nonwoven Elastic Earloop Salon Mouth Face Masks Product – FFP2 N95 6 Layers Mask Bacteria Proof Anti Infection Face Masks Mask Particulate Mouth Respirator Anti PM2.5 Safety Dust Mask Product – 10PCS N95 Mask Breathable FFP2 ffp3 Anti Dust Mask Valved Face Respirator Reusable For Using Protection – Sanitary Convenient Product – 1/5/10/50pcs Cycling Mask With KN95 Filter Protective Cycling Mask Activated Carbon Anti-Pollution Sport Training Bike Facemask Product – 3M Masks PM2.5 9001VZ Ear band Particulate Respirator Dust Mask with Cool Flow Valve Breathable Mask Product – 10 pcs KN95 Dustproof Anti-fog And Breathable Face Masks 95% Filtration Mouth Masks 3-Layer Mouth Muffle Cover Product – 24h Fast Shipping FFP3 Mask – Valved Face Mask N95 KN95 Protection Face Mask Mouth Cover Pm2.5 Dust Masks Safety 6 Layers Filter Product – In stock!!! 1pc/20pcs mask filter Anti-dust FFP3/FFP2/FFP1/N95(N95=FFP2) /Disposable mask Product – Medical Surgical Mask Face Mask Anti Dust Mouth Filter Anti Bacterial Disposable Mask 3 Layers Protective Baby Adult Masks Product – Disposable Medical Masks Three-Layer Blue Face Mask N95 Anti-Virus Influenza Dustproof Breathable Protective Mouth and Nose

Other Personal Protective Equipments You Need Product – 1PC Protective Adjustable Anti Droplet Dust-proof Full Face Cover Mask Visor Shield Droplet virus Windproof Face Shield Washable Product – 100/25PCS Disposable Latex Medical anti-virus Gloves Universal Cleaning Work Finger Gloves Protective for Safety Black ST04 Product – 100pcs/lot Disposable Latex Medical anti-virus Gloves Universal Cleaning Work Finger Gloves Protective Food Cosmetic for Safety Product – 100pcs/lot Disposable Latex Medical anti-virus Gloves Universal Cleaning Work Finger Gloves Protective Food for Safety Blue ST02 Product – For Industrial Lab Work Eye Protection Protective Goggles Lab Anti Fog Flu Clear Glasses Vented Safety Glasses Fast Shipping Hot Product – in stock ! Safety Medical Goggles Lab Glasses Protective Virus Anti Fog Chemical Eyewear Product – Coverall Hazmat Suit Protection Protective Disposable Anti-Virus Clothing Disposable Factory Hospital Isolation Safety Clothing Product – Professional Medical Protective Clothing White Coverall Hazmat Suit Hospital Disposable Anti-Virus Isolation Protective Clothing Product – SUOGRY Fisherman’s hat Clear Bucket Hat Protective Multi-function dust-proof Anti-saliva Prevent virus Protection cap Product – Protective hat anti-fog eye protection isolate virus outdoor dust tide fisherman hat cover face eye protection hood Face Mask Product – Portable 100PCS Professional Alcohol Swabs Pads Wet Wipes 70% Isopropyl First Aid Home Skin Cleanser Sterilization(A Style) Product – 40ml portable ethanol 75% alcohol disinfectant antiviral hand health alcohol gel Product – 100ml Disinfection Rine-free Hand Sanitizer 75% Alcohol Spray Portable Disposable Prevention Hand Sanitizer Product – 50pcs/box Disinfection Wipes Pads Alcohol Swabs Wet Wipes Skin Cleaning Care Sterilization First Aid Cleaning Tissue Box Product – wholesale 10pcs/lot 75% Alcohol Wipes Separate Bag Portable wet Wipes pads cleaning Independent monolithic disinfection Wipes Product – Disposable Shoe Cover Long Tube High Tube Foot Cover Antivirus Hospital Medical Protective Isolation Shoe Cover Transparent Thic Product – new 3M 10436 PC lens safety glasses goggles anti-shock anti-splash windproof anti-UV protective glasses working riding glasses

Protect Your Children From COVID-19 Product – Reusable Face Mask Cotton PM2.5 Adjustable Active Carbon Face Mask Protective Belt Anti Virus and Anti Foam with 10 Filters Product – Kids Dustproof Anti Spitting Protective Mask Visor Hat Face Shield Fisherman Outdoor windproof dustproof anti virus sun Cap Product – 20Pcs Household Disposable Latex Glove for Boys Girls Small size Thickened Nitrile Schooling gloves anti virus pollution Product – 1Pcs PM2.5 Children Mouth Mask Respiratory Valve Cartoon Panda Thicken Smog Mask Warm Dust Mask Fits 2-10 Years Old Kids Product – 10pcs N95 KN95 Anti-Fog FFP2 Dust Mask Child Adult PM2.5 Anti Face Mouth Warm Masks Healthy Air Filter Dust Proof Protection Product – 100Pcs 3 layer Disposable Elastic Mouth Soft Breathable Blue Soft Breathable Flu Hygiene Child Kids Face Mask Dropshipping Product – 7Pcs Children KN95 Face Mouth Mask Dustproof Breathable Face Masks N95 Filter Mouth Masks 4-Layer Respirator Safety Protection Product – 4pcs Original Xiaomi Airpop Children Mask Kid Masks PM2.5 Anti-fog Mask Protection Soft Breathable Air Wear Face Mask Boys Girls Product – 200 Pieces Disposable Child Masks for children 3 Layer Small Size Mouth Kid Mask Half Face Mask Fast Shipping Product – 10 20 pcs PM2.5 Mouth Mask pad Kids Breath Valve Anti Haze Breathable Mask Anti Dust Mouth-Muffle Respirator Face Masks Children Product – 10/50 Pcs Childern Kids Disposable Mouth Face Mask Cartoon Dustproof Non-Woven Fabric Protective Flu Mask Anti-fog Dust Kawaii Product – N95 KN95 Anti-Fog FFP3 Dust Mask Child PM2.5 Anti Face Mouth Warm Masks Healthy Air Filter Dust Proof Protection

Hot Selling Antivirus Respirators Product – Chemical mask 6800 7 in 1 6001 Gas Mask acid dust Respirator Paint Pesticide Spray Silicone filter Laboratory cartridge welding Product – SECTEC KN95 Self-priming filter gas mask full face protective Respirator Activated Carbon mask anti-dust paint chemical mask 3M Product – 3in1 3M 6200 Dust Mask Anti-particle Filter 2091 P100 Industrial Spray Paint Weld Dustproof Coolflow Valve Protective Respirator Product – adjustable 6800 Face Gas Mask Full Face Facepiece Painting Spraying Respirator For Gas Mask Respirator Filter Safety Mask Product – 9 in 1 3M 7502 6001 Gas Mask Military Poison Respirator Half Face Widely Use Mask Chemical Paint Spray Pesticide Protection Product – Half Face painting spraying respirator gas mask protect dust mask for Safety Work Filter welding Spray protective anti pollution Product – NEW Respirator Gas Mask Safety Chemical Anti-Dust Filter Military Eye Goggle Set Workplace Safety Protection Product – SJL ZW 6800 suit 7pcs Large View Full Gas Mask Full Facepiece Respirator Painting Spraying Silicone Mask Product – 8 In 1 3M 6200 Half Industrial Gas Mask Organic Vapor Protective Carbon Filter Cartridge Respirator Paint Spray Chemical Goggles Product – 2pcs Respirator-System-Device Gas Electric Constant Flow Air Supplied Fed Respirator Half Face Gas Mask Pump 2 Pipe Respirator

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