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In recent years, electric bicycles are becoming one of the best ways to get around. Thanks to them we can go further with less effort than with a conventional bicycle. Many municipalities and cities are expanding their network of bike lanes to reduce pollution, so electric bicycles allow us to reach our destination in a sustainable, safe, and comfortable way.

The main problem when buying an electric bicycle is the price since they are usually quite expensive, even in the case of second-hand electric bicycles. For this reason, we are going to review for you the best brands of low-priced Chinese electric bicycles that you can find on AliExpress.

Best brands of electric bicycles available on AliExpress

One of the reasons we can find cheaper electric bicycles on AliExpress is because in China, the bicycle is one of the most popular methods of transport and its prices must be accessible. So there are many Chinese brands with rich experience in bicycle manufacturing that have launched economic electric bikes.

In fact, you will see that some of these Chinese brands are recognized internationally since it is a very new sector. Decathlon electric bikes are very popular in Europe but their prices are unaffordable. So the bicycle brands that we are going to show you below have found a niche in the market and can be bought cheaper on AliExpress, as you can see by clicking here.


The famous Chinese brand Xiaomi has become popular for its great value for money products. In terms of electric mobility, it is very popular for its famous electric scooters. But their electric bikes do not disappoint us. Xiaomi electric bikes are foldable and very resistant.

They have a range of up to 45 mi. and offer engine assistance up to 15 mph, immediately activating when they sense activity on the bottom bracket thanks to its torque sensor. They fold easily and come with an integrated front and rear light plus an LCD screen. You can find them on AliExpress by clicking here.


It took Xiaomi a short time to realize the great potential of electric bicycles, so they have launched a new brand specialized in this type of vehicle. Under the name Himo you will find the latest innovations in Xiaomi electric bicycles, at a lower price, as you can see here.

This brand is specializing in compact folding electric bikes, some even fit in a backpack. One of its best-selling models is characterized by being cheaper than the Xiaomi, with a range of up to 50 mi., motor assistance up to 15 mph, electric and hybrid driving mode, high-quality frame, Shimano 6-speed gearbox., double braking system…


However, the prices of Xiaomi or Himo bikes are still somewhat high. That is why Fiido has become the best alternative to the famous Chinese brand, since it has very similar characteristics but its bikes cost almost half. You can find them all in this link.

Not only that, their bikes also have more autonomy and more speed than Xiaomi. They have several models, some models are electric mountain bikes although the best-sellers are urban folding (some are so compact that they can also be stored in a backpack). They all have a 250W motor in common and operate in electric mode at a speed of up to 15 mph.

In electric mountain bikes we can find a Shimano transmission system with 7 speeds, front suspension and fat wheels in the purest “fat bike” style for practicing mtb. On the other hand, urban bikes have 16-inch wheels, 6-speed gearbox and fold easily.

Sheng Milo

But if you are looking for an electric mountain bike, you will know that they are quite expensive. Orbea, Specialized, Giant or Scott electric bikes are exorbitantly priced and there are few inexpensive alternatives. In this case AliExpress becomes one of the best options, since there are brands specialized in this type of electric bicycles.

A good example is the Sheng Milo brand bikes that you can find here. It is one of the brands that have the most sales in terms of electric mountain bikes, because it also has warehouses abroad and tax-free shipping agreements for the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan, or South Korea.

Their electric mtb bikes have powerful 1000 W motors, purely electric or hybrid riding mode, LCD display, large capacity battery up to 25 mi. in electric mode, Shimano 7-speed transmission, front and rear fork… Besides, they fold up for easier storage.


The Samebike brand is not so well known but precisely for that reason it can offer better prices. It is a brand specialized in electric bicycles that manufactures all kinds of models, from mountain bikes to urban folding bikes, at a very reasonable price, as you can see in this link.

In the case of MTB bicycles there is a wide variety of models, motors between 500 and 1,000 W, a maximum speed of 40k / h and they work up to 30 degrees. The small details are what explain the price difference between its models such as the type of suspension, engine or autonomy. They are a good option for those looking for a very resistant multipurpose bicycle.

They also have folding city bikes with very outstanding features such as a 350 W motor, speed of up to 15 mph in electric mode, 25 mi. of autonomy, 7-speed gearbox… Features that are not bad at all considering their price.


If you are looking for a powerful off-road electric bike, we like the Keeper & Jim brand since their bicycles differ from other brands, mainly because of their wheels: they are wider to achieve better grip and ride with more stability. Whether it’s an electric mountain bike or a compact city bike, we recommend you take a look at their models by clicking here.

In their mountain models, we will find models with shock-absorbing forks that will make your trip more comfortable, and a smart chip to efficiently transmit signals. They can reach 25 mph with a range of up to 35 mi. thanks to its 1,000 W motor.

Their compact urban bikes also have a shock absorbing fork, 7-speed gearbox, great autonomy, 500 W motor … Unlike Xiaomi, Fiido or Himo electric bicycles, it has a better motor, power and all its little details. make it an off-road bike.


If you are looking for an electric mountain bike that can keep up with the most powerful on the market such as the electric bikes of Giant, Scott, Specialized or BH, the AliExpress brand RichBit has some impressive models that you can find at this link.

Their prices are above the average of what we have seen so far, but you can find 1,000 W motors, 40 km range, aluminum frame, 26-inch wheels, 7-speed Shimano gears, double brake disc and much more.

Types of electric bicycles that you can find on sale on AliExpress

As you can see, cheap Chinese electric bikes are quite good. There is not a single bicycle model, but they can be classified according to their use. We are going to talk about them, their advantages and disadvantages and how to easily find them on AliExpress.

Folding electric bikes

If you have little space, betting on a folding electric bike will be a good option. You can find folding electric mountain bikes, urban or touring bikes. There are many models with this feature on AliExpress, as you can see here.

Among their advantages we can highlight how easy it is to store them, this makes them an ideal model for people with little space. One of their disadvantages is that sometimes this folding system can be tricky, and, depending on the model, they can be more or less heavy.

Electric mountain bicycles

They are also called MTB electric bikes. They are characterized by having a series of components specially designed for mountain biking: large wheels with suitable tires for different types of terrain, suspensions, gear changes, quality brakes…

Their advantages are obvious: they offer great stability, and also more autonomy and speed. However, they occupy a lot and are heavier than other electric bicycles. We have already talked about some brands of electric mountain bikes but you can find more at this link.

Electric road bikes

Electric road bikes are not as popular as mountain bikes, but if you want an alternative to Orbea electric road bikes, we have found some models available on AliExpress at this link.

Without a doubt, the main advantage is that you will be able to climb slopes more easily or reach your destination with less effort. The disadvantage is that these types of bicycles are quite expensive due to their materials and since they are electric, their weight will increase.

Urban electric bikes

These types of bicycles have been created to move around the city easily, and among their advantages is that they can be folded easily and have a very compact size, this is ideal for storing them at home or in the office. Compared to other methods of personal mobility such as scooters, they are more stable, safer and have more autonomy. In addition, you can achieve a higher speed.

One of its disadvantages is that the wheels are usually smaller, so if you use them without an engine you can get very tired. The fact that they are foldable, light to store and that you can move them easily increases their price, but you can find them cheaper in AliExpress here.

Electric touring bikes

If you like classic touring bikes,the electric version can be a good option if you want to ride long distances with some extra help. Electric touring bikes are often inspired by the more classic Dutch-style bicycle frames, they can be found by clicking here.

Their advantages are that they are very comfortable to walk around the city thanks to their size, they also usually carry an accessory on the back that is very useful in case you go shopping with it. However, its size can also be a drawback when it comes to storage.

Electric bikes for kids

If you want to travel long distances with your children, an electric bike for them is the best option. Its great advantage is that the help of an electric motor will allow them to go at your own pace without effort. Their disadvantage is undoubtedly the price: they are quite expensive considering that in a few years they will be small for your kids. Although they are not very popular, on AliExpress you can find them by clicking here.

Things to consider before buying an electric bicycle

When buying an electric bicycle, it is very important to take into account what is the use that we are going to give it, since it will determinate which features are more important to look for. Next we are going to guide you through the most important points, for you to take in account depending on your needs:

Engine and power

Depending on the engine and power of our bike, we can achieve a higher speed. This can be especially important on mountain or road bikes.

Battery and autonomy

The autonomy is important since it is not pleasant to run out of battery halfway. Think about what the routes you would take, the distances to travel, and look for a bicycle that suits them.

Folding or non-folding

The possibility of folding your bike will help you to transport it more easily when you are not using it, as well as to store it. Folding bikes are ideal for taking them on public transport or in your trunk.


A very heavy bicycle can be a burden when it comes to moving it, so if you are going to have to carry it up some stairs or carry it to the office, take a good look at this feature.


The price when choosing an electric bicycle is determining. It can vary greatly depending on the style of electric bike. The most expensive are electric mountain bikes, because of their components and autonomy, they can cost between US$2200 and $4,800 if they are from well-known brands, and half of that if we look for them on AliExpress.

Folding electric urban bicycles are usually cheaper, they can cost around US$ 1800 at any store, but on AliExpress you can find them for between US$ 700 and $1200, depending on the brand and its characteristics. For the same amount, we will always get better features and save money if we buy on this online sales platform.

Is it safe to buy an electric bicyle on AliExpress? Which guarantees do they offer? Is it easy to return the product if I am not satisfied with it?

When it comes to buying an electric bike, you may be a bit lost: you can look for electric bikes at Decathlon or similar stores… If you search online, you will surely end up looking at electric bikes on Amazon or eBay. But if you want to save money, it is best to buy one of these on AliExpress.

As you can see, these Chinese brands that we have told you about have a good price and impressive features. In fact, some of them are reference brands in the electric bike sector, but buying through AliExpress will save money.

Buying electric bicycles on AliExpress is safe as most of the brands that we have seen offer free shipping to Europe or the United States. Currently, AliExpress also offers other advantages such as a local guarantee according to the legislation of your country or free returns within the first 15 days (only applicable for certain sellers and countries).

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