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Best Gibson Les Paul Style Guitars on AliExpress – Advice and tricks

by Helen

If you love Gibson guitars, pay close attention to this article, because AliExpress offers a wide range of Gibson inspired guitars at a much more affordable price, with a similar finish and an incredible sound for what they are worth. You can also find tons of other Gibson style guitar (acoustic and electric) and bass models.

Les Paul, Custom SG, Firebird, Flying V, Explorer, ES, the acoustic Hummingbird… and even the Angus Young. You can find Chinese equivalents for the most mythic Gibson guitar and base models.

But are they Gibson Guitar replicas? Or originals?

Truly they are neither. There might be some replicas, and maybe even an original second hand Gibson, but in this article we are going to talk about white label ones, also called OEM.

What are these cheaper white label Gibson style guitars?

As you may already known, every day there are less and less replicas in AliExpress. Even if you  do find some sellers in the guitar category offering replica Gibsons, each day there are less of them, most of their shops having been closed down by AliExpress.

How to find these guitars in AliExpress

There is two ways to find these Gibson inspired guitar models.

1- Looking at the AliExpress guitar category

Through this linkyou will be able to find the guitar category sorted by number of sales. As you can see, Chinese Les Paul / Gibson inspired guitars sell very well, even better than Fender style guitars, the best selling ones having thousands of sales.

The fact that they have thousands of sales proves that what they are selling is not against the AliExpress replica policy, because if they were they would have been closed down a long time ago.

2 – Try using the name of the model the guitar is inspired in

The other option is to look by the name of the guitar model: much like the sunglasses sellers can’t use “Ray Ban” to describe their product, but can use “aviator”, sellers offering Chinese Gibson style guitars use the name of the model. So try using one the following terms:

The same thing goes for models inspired by famous guitarist, such as Angus Young or the Slash guitar.

What’s better, a second hand Gibson Les Paul or a Chinese one from AliExpress?

I honestly prefer the second option. If you are an instrument collector such as me, purchasing one of these Gibson style guitars is much more affordable than getting a second hand one, the only alternative we used to have.

The best guitar for beginners

These guitars are great for beginners, not only are they cheaper than second hand ones, they are in a better state and they have all the charisma of a Gibson. They won’t have the same sound as an original (the wood isn’t the same, nor is the electrical part), but they are cheaper, they look pretty awesome and with a couple of modifications you can get a pretty good guitar.

We are talking about a considerable amount of money, so you have to follow a safety process to  ensure the guitar you get is good. Make sure the guitar you purchase has good rating and plenty of sales, like the one we mentioned above. And always take into account reviews left by previous customers.

Opinions and advice on purchasing a Gibson online

If you decide to purchase a Gibson in AliExpress, make sure you choose a seller with good sales and reputation. Keep in mind this is an expensive product, you don’t want to risk it with a doubtful seller.

Warning: You are probably going to have to pay something to customs

As you read in the comments above, many of the guitars shipped to other countries are intercepted at customs because they are very bulky items (unlike other items such as the cellphones sold on AliExpress), so keep in mind you are going to have to pay an extra 30 or 35€ extra in taxes.

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