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Every family needs a good stand mixer for pastry and bakery recipes: cakes, cookies, bread, scones, pizzas, and so on. A good stand mixer can save us a lot of effort and time. One of the most famous stand mixers is the KitchenAid, but its high price is out of reach for many people. However, this is not the only brand when it comes to mixers. In fact, doughs lovers tend to opt for less popular and cheaper brands also with great features.

We have researched, analyzed and compared hundreds of stand mixers based on their quality, customer reviews, and price. Here are our top pick lists on AliExpress.

Best Stand Mixers on AliExpress

So if you are thinking of acquiring a mixer but want a lower price option without losing quality, do not miss our following recommendations. We are going to show you the best Chinese stand mixers that you can find much cheaper on AliExpress, although you can see them all by clicking here.


This Chinese brand called Biolomix always surprises us with its appliances. They are not the cheapest but they are good value for money. Their mixers are very similar to Kenwood or Kitchenaid mixers for their shape but also for their performance.

Their mixers have great power of 1,200 W and 6-speed powers. This allows perfect results even on hard doughs. They have 3 accessories to mix dough and ingredients and are planetary trajectory mixers. Besides, its stainless steel bowl is ideal for these mixtures.

But what we like about BioloMix is ​​the quality of the finishes and the design details of this mixer: tilting head to facilitate the incorporation of food, silicone clamping feet, coupling head … Discover all their mixers through this link.


If you are looking for a store that has professional stand mixers and other appliances to prepare desserts in a professional way and make waffles, pancakes, muffins, donuts… HPH2O has several mixers with different price ranges, so whatever your budget is, these mixers are worth taking a look at, you can find them by clicking here

What we like the most about their mixers is that they have very good features but being a little-known brand, their prices are affordable. For example, large-capacity bowl mixers are quite expensive but this brand’s are very affordable.

The power of the mixers depends on the model but they can reach 1,500 W with 6-speed powers. They incorporate 3 different mixing accessories and a stainless steel bowl to integrate the ingredients well. They follow the planetary rotary movement to mix all the ingredients well. Discover all their mixers through this link.

Just Buy

This is another AliExpress brand well known for their stand blenders, which have a great quality. Just Buy has become a prominent brand on the page thanks to the quality of its appliances. Their mixers have a similar style to what we have already seen.

But in this case, what stands out the most is the low price: they have the cheapest and most powerful mixers on the market, as you can see here. The difference with other mixers is the finishes, although these have some details such as the pivoting head to integrate ingredients or a coupling head. Externally, they are made of plastic.

These mixers have a powerful motor of up to 1,500 W with 6 speeds, with 3 different accessories that allow you to prepare doughs, mix ingredients, or assemble creams. Despite its exterior finish, all its components are made of stainless steel and its motor is specially designed to offer great durability.


If you are looking for a professional high capacity mixer, you will know how expensive they are. However, we bring you an excellent option from the hand of Aistan, a brand specialized in appliances for professional cooking. These are not home use mixers, but for professionals who need a powerful machine

Even so, they have a lot in common with other domestic mixers since they have a stainless steel bowl, planetary movement, high-quality copper motor, anti-heating systems, variable speed, 3 accessories … The big difference is the capacity of the bowl, depending on the model, it can range from 7 to 30 liters.


But let’s go back to household mixers. So far we have shown some models to use at home on a regular basis, but we know that many of you only prepare pastries occasionally, and yet you still want a mixer that can help you with your recipes without spending a lot of money.

Well, JIQI is the perfect brand for those who want a mixer similar to KitchenAid and much cheaper than Lidl or Aldi mixers. The best thing is that there are several models with different characteristics and prices, so no matter what your budget is, take a look at the mixers of this brand. You can find them by clicking here.

The price difference is based on the power, which drops to 600 W in some models, although they also have other mixers up to 1,200 W and a large capacity bowl for very little money. They all have 6 speeds, 3 different accessories to work with, and a stainless steel bowl.


Whichever mixer you need, we recommend looking at the Xeoleo brand models. On their official AliExpress store you will find from inexpensive domestic mixers to professional bakery mixers with 35 liters capacity for industrial use. You can find them all in this link.

Among the models for home use, you will find the best quality mixers at less than half the price of a Kitchenaid mixer robot. They are silent mixers, with a powerful copper motor made to last many years, but the most interesting thing is that you will even find some multifunction mixers with an integrated meat grinder or blender

You can find large capacity mixers and professional use for very little money, if you like to knead and want to make more doughs or you are thinking of opening a business and need an inexpensive bakery mixer, it is worth looking at their professional mixing machines.

Types of stand mixers that you can find on sale on AliExpress

Not all mixers are the same. We have already explained that some AliExpress brands are specialized in one or several different types of mixers, so we are going to explain what advantages and disadvantages each one has, to find out which is the best for you.

Mixers for bread dough

To make bread we need a dough mixer with a dough hook, which blends the ingredients correctly. So all the mixers that we have mentioned above in the KitchenAid style are ideal for making bread doughs thanks to their hook accessory. Remember to also check the capacity of the bowl.

Professional mixers

A professional mixer is designed to work for long hours without breaking down. So it will need much more power than normal ones. They also usually have a bowl with a larger size.

Industrial mixers

Industrial mixers have a larger size, as well as the capacity to work for many hours and prepare a good amount of dough, something essential if you have a business and you need to always have dough ready.

Pastry mixers

If you want to prepare cakes, cookies, and other sweet pastry recipes, what you need is a dough mixer with a flat hook, ideal for mixing ingredients, or a rod hook, to mix and prepare ingredients such as cream or egg whites. The bread mixers are conceived for these functions. There are other cheaper mixers that will not have enough power to prepare bread.

Planetary mixer

This type of mixer mixes the dough with a planetary movement that allows the ingredients to be integrated with a perfect structure, without spoiling them. It’s a classic KitchenAid move, and all the inexpensive alternatives we’ve talked about include this system.

Things to consider before buying a stand mixer

The purpose of mixers is to blend the ingredients to get a homogeneous dough. They need to work at a good power and not heat the dough to avoid spoiling it, and that is why their price is so high. Besides, they can be working for a long time until they have the dough ready, so it is very important to look at their features


Power is very important, especially if you are going to work with hard doughs. The usual mixers’ power is between 500 and 1,200 W. The more power, the easier it will be to knead hard doughs with little hydration. This power can be regulated at various speeds.


As we have already said, it is often necessary to use the mixer for a long time, so it is important to choose a model that generates little noise to avoid it becomes unbearable.


The mixing bowl has a limited capacity. So before you decide to buy a mixer, check the capacity well and think about what types of recipes and with which quantities you want to prepare. This way you can choose a mixer that suits you.


Mixers usually come with 3 different hooks: flat, rods, and dough hook. However, some brands such as KitchenAid can attach accessories such as refrigerators, juicers, pasta roller… Although these accessories can be more expensive than other specific machines for that us


There can be a big price difference between different mixers depending on the brand and use. Large capacity professional mixers can cost around US $700 (20 liters). Among those for domestic use, the most expensive are the Kitchenaid, AEG, or Moulinex mixers that cost around US $450 and $700. However, AliExpress alternatives cost less than half, between US $100 and $300 depending on the model.

FAQ before buying a stand mixer

Buying a new kitchen appliance is always a big decision, since they take up a lot of space and they’re also expensive. Thanks to these AliExpress alternatives, the second problem disappears, but if you still have doubts, we will answer the most frequent questions people have before buying a mixer

Blender or Mixer: Which is better?

A blender and a mixer have very different functions. The blender can mix ingredients, if it is a countertop blender it crushes the ingredients and doesn’t knead them. A mixer is specially designed to integrate the ingredients without crushing them.

Mixer or Kitchen Robot: Do they do the same?

There are some kitchen robots that allow you to prepare dough. However, these robots aren’t able to do the planetary motion of kneaders. Besides, the capacity of the kitchen robots is much lower so your doughs will be more limited.

Wich recipes can I prepare with a mixer?

A dough mixer allows you to prepare all kinds of pastry recipes, assemble creams and other products, or prepare pizza doughs, bread, sweets… You won’t be able to grind ingredients since its accessories do not have blades.

Is it worth to buy a stand mixer?

If you like to prepare pastry or bakery recipes, having a mixer will allow you to prepare recipes with almost professional results with very little effort. Add the ingredients, choose the speed, and in a few minutes you will have prepared your dough or recipe.

Is it safe to buy a stand mixer on AliExpress? Which guarantees do they offer? Is it easy to return it if I am not satisfied?

This online sales platform is popular for offering all kinds of products at good prices. If you want something at a lower price, it’s sure to be on AliExpress. Although until now, if we wanted a cheap mixer we thought of the mixers of Lidl, Aldi, or other white brands, now there are plenty of specialized Chinese brands, and some of them even have excellent professional bakery mixers.

The brands that we have presented are conceived to sell to the international market: some have shipping from Poland or the Czech Republic, ideal for European buyers who do not want to pay customs. Others have fast shipping through private couriers, but the cost of customs is low compared to the saving we will get when it comes to the price of the product.

AliExpress offers a local guarantee according to the conditions of your country, some brands have a free 15-day return.

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