Best Transfer Tattoo Shops on AliExpress 2021

Links to the best tattoo stores on AliExpress with examples and ratings

Recently, I definitely decided that I want to get a tattoo. Moreover, not just small and inconspicuous, but bright and half-handed. Deciding on this is very difficult, since you understand that you will have to live with this until the end of your life.

In today’s world there is a solution to this problem! Make a translated tattoo, which differs very little from the real one. The Chinese seriously facilitate the choice of the tattoo itself. At Aliexpress you can find a huge variety of different ready-made designs or even order your own. Naturally, a typical tattoo will cost much less. Although, even a transfer tattoo on your own design on Aliexpress will cost very cheap.

The list of sellers of translated tattoos is constantly updated and I keep track of the relevance of the ratings. Follow the links and choose your own design. The examples are for reference only. On the Aliexpress website itself, the choice is hundreds and thousands of times wider.

Be irresistible 🙂

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