Best Wireless Earbuds on AliExpress (2020 Reviews)

Finding a good wireless earbuds will make listening to music more enjoyable. 

So, if you’re looking for the best wireless earbuds on AliExpress, here’re the top 10 best wireless earbuds with the most outstanding ratings.

Best Wireless Earbuds on AliExpress

#1 H&A V5.0 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

If you’re looking for a mix of style and sound quality, H&A’s V5.0 is an aesthetic and functional earphone. It’s equipped with an LED power and volume display and an intelligent touch feature. It makes it convenient to navigate through the earphone functions without having to use your phone.

The LED displays also give it a modern touch where you can look fashionable when you do all kinds of activities from sports to relaxation.

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#2 QCR TWS – G02 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

The QCR TWS – G02 wireless bluetooth earphones are the best earphones for those who are looking for a bang for their buck. It’s equipped with an active noise cancellation feature and playtime of over 7 hours.

The modern styled earphone has an LED volume and power display as well as a touch control feature. It truly embodies the definition of what a contemporary earphone should look like and function.

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#3 Baseus W04 TWS Bluetooth Earphone

The Baseus brand has been around for more than a decade now and as for the business perspective, that is ample time for a brand or company to create high-quality products. So it is not an exaggeration when I say that the Baseus W04 Pro could be the one that delivers everything you need from a pair of earbuds.

Let’s talk about the features to give you a fair overview. First of all, the Baseus W04 Pro uses state of the art Bluetooth 5.0. That means lower latency and a small battery footprint. That also translates to a longer period of use without having to worry much about battery life.

The charging box includes 400mAh battery so when you put back the earbuds for later use, it just recharges itself back to 100%. Also, the box can provide up to four times recharge. This should cover your activities for the entire day or more if you are not relying much on the earbuds for communication and media playback. That equates to 20 hours of playback. And the best part is you get to charge the battery box in only an hour and a half. And did I mention about the earbuds being wirelessly rechargeable? Yes, it has Qi wireless compatibility. This is best for when you just hate wires and their tangles.

The Baseus W04 Pro has a built-in capacitive touch sensor which makes the control just a tap or two away. That also means fewer unwanted lines and designs that make the earbuds looking classy more than most of the earbuds in the market. Personally, I prefer this kind of look. Fewer lines, angles, and unnecessary details which sometimes make a simple gadget look ugly.

As for the other features, it boasts zero compression data streaming so you get exactly the audio quality you expect from the music you are listening to. That is true Hi-Fi sound quality. Just make sure you use the best audio bitrate available for your music so it could properly reflect on the actual sound from the earbuds. Plus, unlike other wireless earbuds, the Baseus W04 Pro uses the Dual-End Connection technology so you get perfectly synchronized audio output from both ends.

Another feature that you might like is the compatibility to voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant. This makes it more convenient when trying to execute commands without the need to pick up your phone or take it out from your pocket.

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#4 Baseus W09 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Another proud product of Baseus is the Baseus W09 TWS or True Wireless Stereo. If you are wondering why let me tell you all the details.

The Baseus W09 TWS has a built-in capacitive touch sensor which makes the control just a tap or two away. That also means fewer unwanted lines and designs that make the earbuds looking classy more than most of the earbuds in the market.

The Baseus W09 TWS is like the little brother of Baseus 04 Pro with almost all its features but at a lower price. If you are worried about the quality, well, you get almost identical performance except in some aspects. Let me tell you everything.

First of all, these little earbud gems operate using Bluetooth 5.0 technology. From that alone, you know you are getting high-quality audio output at the expense of lower battery consumption. This also enables the earbuds to work seamlessly from disconnected state to automatic reconnection as soon as you take out the buds from the box.

The Baseus W09 TWS is touch-operated so you will only need to tap and tap for all the commands you want to execute. It’s like playing your music through the screen of your smartphone.

As for battery life, this is where the difference starts from its brother Baseus W04 Pro. The box, which also serves as the wireless charger for the earbuds, comes with 450mAh battery. That means more playback time for you at a more affordable price. That’s around 35 hours of music enjoyment from one and a half hours of charging.

The earbuds box is magnetic so as soon as you place it inside, you need not worry about it falling off or out of the box. Another feature is the auto-reconnect as soon as you pick it up. As long as your smartphone’s Bluetooth is ready and turned on, experience instant reconnection when the earbuds leave the box.

The range for the Baseus 09 reaches up to 10 meters which should be average for general use. And if you go beyond the 10-meter reach, it will just automatically reconnect as soon as you are back in its range.

As for the sound quality, it has great bass with enough crispiness that is soothing in the ear. With the right choice of music, you could be experiencing a totally immersive experience. And that is what most of us, if not all, users want from our earbuds. The quality that brings us where our music could take us.

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#5 QCY QS2 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

The QCY brand has been around for around a decade now and they have been in the wireless earbud technology ever since. Considering that the amount of time focused on perfecting their devices, it is no surprise that the QCY QS2 is garnering a lot of positive reviews.

When it comes to real-world experience, it is great for its price but does not expect jaw-dropping features. It has a minimal classic design that works for all occasions. It has a 43 mAh battery that can last up to a day on standby. Charging time is around 2 hours and can last up to 4 hours with continuous play.

The QCY QS2 earbuds come with a relatively portable case that also functions as a charging dock with an 800 mAh battery. Be able to charge both earbuds eight times or 16 times if you prefer only one earbud at a time. The earbuds auto-connect to a paired device once lifted from the dock.

The device is IPX4 which means it is expected to only resist water splashes from any direction. That means no water jet spray and no submerging to water.

Also, the QCY QS2 uses a BT 5.0 technology so the user can enjoy high-quality audio, with a better range of up to 10 meters of open area. Be reminded that the range significantly weakens against walls and other obstacles.

The device has a physical main button with simple pressure-based commands for playing music, answering calls, and going through the music playlist.

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