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Buy and Beware: Emeda / Haiyi / Leshine / Lisi Hair Factory

by Helen

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When sample is wrong return
Only pay by PayPal not bank transfer
I made a mistake to save money
I wish I did not
Takes at least 4 weeks to know how product is if you wash hair 2-3 times a week.
They say they always best quality.
I wanted a refund. They sat will test out product because you are not happy in a few days they say it’s OK and nothing wrong. But they are a scam
They lie with everything
They are very incompetent
Everything they do are wrong
And it’s always your fault

Website looks good
Hair will Matt, shed, then will start dread locking it’s mixed hair
They should just stick to their doll hair

This company and Leshine Hair is the same
Leshine is also known as Lisi hair and another company known as Haiyi hair
They change their names. That tells something
Research the name bad reviews
Once someone has a bad review avoid it
That’s real talk
I wish I did
Live and learn

Don’t trust them
It’s a scam
Pay by PayPal to protect yourself
And remember the time frame for PayPal protection

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emeda hair factory review

haiyi hair factory review

Warmly Notice: All Sharing is Caring and Buy and Beware articles are provided by our dear readers and aimed at helping other girls to avoid hair shopping scams and buy quality hair products from reliable vendors.

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