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For wigs, Africans treat her as a necessity while Europeans and Americans treat her as an accessory. The ranking of the global hair products industry’s import and export markets in 2016 shows that among the many hair import and export countries, South Africa ranks third only to the United States and Benin, with the export market accounting for 7.39%. The consumption of hair products in Africa has been increasing year by year. Buyers are keen on low-priced products and prefer to receive direct hair on their own hair. Synthetic wigs need to be purchased in about 30 days. The life span of human hair is about 6-12 months, and each person has 3-5 wigs.

If you want to choose hair wigs to dropship, first you should browse online hair wigs dropship reviews and know different customers’ common points and different needs for wigs.

Common Points:

  • Active wig wholesalers accounted for more than 50%, the amount of transactions and orders were higher than individual buyers;
  • Most wig wholesalers are professional wig buyers with high repurchase rates. The average Order Size is $270-$330;
  • The average time period of people purchasing wigs is 14.8 days on average;
  • 90% of sold wigs are natural black wigs;
  • Most popular finished wig material: human hair;
  • TOP 3 influences on purchasing wigs: price, quality, logistics;
  • Key product factors wig buyers concern about: precise size, clear product photos with details, detailed wig materials;
  • Synthetic wigs need to be repurchased about 30 days;
  • The life span of human hair is about 6-12 months, and each people has 3-5 wigs.

If you want to start wig business, you need to analyze your user groups first and divide them into three basic markets: high, medium and low. The requirements of whites for wigs are particularly strict and long-wave wave style in the United States market is popular all the time. Black consumers prefer wigs with a large wavy, small hairstyle.

Low-end market wig products mainly mean synthetic wigs and low-end human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs account for 30-40% of whole hair wig market.

How To Identify Wig Quality:

  • Hair Smooth, shiny natural color;
  • Soft feel, no hair drops and knots;
  • How long the hairstyle can be maintained;
  • If comfortable and natural after wearing.

There’re another two factors to identify the quality of wigs: hair net and hair material. A good hair net feels soft and very comfortable to wear. A bad hair net feels a little hard and feels very uncomfortable to wear. Human hair is better than synthetic hair.

General Rules How People Wear Wigs:

1. Wig and Skin Tone: Usually white people wear light colors while dark people wear dark colors. If want to be natural, then choose the common color black or dark brown.

2. Wig and Face Shape: Different people have different head sizes. But the wig’s size is always fixed. So buyers can do a little trimming at the corner after purchasing. Also anti-static wig can last longer.

[maxbutton id=”8″ text=”2 Best Places To Dropship Hair Wigs” ]

 1. Amazon 

(Website: https://www.amazon.com)

Located in Seattle, Washington, Amazon is one of the earliest companies to start e-commerce on the Internet. Amazon was established in 1995 and started as a book sales business on the Internet. Now it has expanded to a wide range of other products and has become the world’s largest online retail product variety.

Amazon provides millions of international vendors who sell millions of unique new, refurbished and second-hand goods for customers, such as books, movies, music and games, digital downloads, electronics and computers, home hardening supplies, toys, baby products, food, clothing, footwear and jewelry, health and personal care products, sports and outdoor products, toys, automotive and industrial products. But Amazon’s business also includes popular wigs. Why Amazon ranks high in the wig field? High satisfaction, high return rate and easy to build a wig brand. It’s expected that Amazon requires all wig sellers’ products to be packaged, and that all packaged products will have higher rebuts and users feedback than unpackaged products. The same wigs will be sold on the same platform Amazon, with or without package.

Guide to Dropship Wigs from Amazon:

Amazon Website: https://www.amazon.com

2. AliExpress 

(Website: https://www.aliexpress.com)

AliExpress is an online trading platform created by Alibaba for the global market. Till now, it’s the most popular platform for global wig resellers to dropship wigs, including human hair wigs and synthetic wigs.

There’re more than one hundred wig vendors on AliExpress who sell various styles of wigs for different prices and different qualities. If you can tell a good and reliable wig vendor who provides dropshipping service, you have taken the first step for success.

Guides to Dropship Good Quality Wigs with Reasonable Prices from AliExpress:

AliExpress Website: https://www.aliexpress.com


The natural black hair of the African Americans is curly, so once the hair is rolled up, they will cut it off and and bring them a wig. The wife of Barack Obama and many stars are all wearing wigs. So as long as the African American market is, the wig business will never fail.

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