Hair Business Guide: Choosing a Good Shipping Service

It’s very important to find a good shipping service if you plan to start an online hair business. A good shipping service at least must meet these 3 standards: fast delivery time, reasonable cost and no damage to the goods.

We choose DHL since it’s stronger in America customs clearance by compared to EMS and cheaper than UPS. It’s faster than EMS and maybe later 2-5 days than UPS. But it’s OK with our customers since most of our clients are not in hurry. For urgent orders, we will ship the order out in UPS.

As for American local hair business ones, we are not very professional and can only give some little suggestions. Both UPS and Fedex are OK for American customers. But they may cost a little higher. There’re maybe some small local delivery companies. You may contact for lower cost.

No matter which kind of shipping service you will choose. Please be sure they will be KIND with your packages. No matter how perfect you package your goods before shipping out, bad deliverymen will kill it easily.

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