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Hair Extension Business Plan: Real Sample Study

by Helen

There is a girl named Tiffany who lives in Chicago, IL USA.

Tiffany has been looking for the opportunity to be rich all the time. After some market research, she wants to do hair extensions business as she saw many girls around her including herself buy hair extensions every month.

She found these 3 advantages of hair extensions:

  • Hair extensions are in high demand. Almost all the African-American girls buy it.
  • High repurchase rate. They buy it every month.
  • Easy for transportation and can be kept for a long time.

“It will be a great business if I can get the good quality hair with affordable prices to them”, she told herself like that.

While there’re some obstacles:

  • He does not know hair extensions.
  • He does not have money to start with.

No much money to buy hair.

No money to open a hair store, even no money to rent a warehouse.

Even she has the money, she is afraid the risk of unsalable items when keeping many hair bundles in his warehouse before stable demand.

Luckily Tiffany is a hardworking girl:

  • She goes to the shopping mall for a full month, talking with the saleswomen in that way she knows what is the best seller;
  • She pays bill from her purse in Starbucks with her friend hairstylist Tom to know how to tell human hair and synthetic hair.
  • She also bought some shampoo to care the human hair bundles herself. She tried everything to be professional at hair extensions.

Yes, now she knows a lot about hair bundles. It seems the first problem is resolved.

So, how about the other two troubles?

Then she chose dropshipping. Simple speaking, dropshipping means

  1. She only sells;
  2. As her partner, her hair supplier will do everything else except selling. Like producing, packing, shipping.

It becomes super easy to start a hair extension business with no money or only a little. Now Tiffany sells 5+ orders every day. What she does everyday is sending her hair supplier the buyer’s address and payment. The hair will be shipped to her customers directly. She makes a profit from the orders she made.

Sure, in the future, when her hair business grows bigger, she can import many at a time and get them shipped out herself to guarantee better customer service. Dropshipping is just a smart choice for hair extension business beginners.

How to start a hair extension business?

  1. Know what your customers buy every day.
  2. Know how to get your customers.
  3. Contact hair suppliers for samples, show them to your customers and get the order finally.

Wish all your hair extension business flies! 

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