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HerHairWorld Reviews – First Impression

by Helen

I saw some girls are asking questions about HerHairWorld. I made a simple background check using my current hair reviewing skills and already known hair industry knowledge. Here are what I found.


Website: https://www.herhairworld.com/

Only selling through its above website. Don’t have stores on Amazon and AliExpress.

Main Products: Virgin Hair, Closures & Frontals, Blonde Hair, Pre-bonded Hair, Eyelashes

General Summary:

Checked the website https://www.herhairworld.com. Its contact address No.6, 4th Street ShaYongBeiCun New Road, BaiYun District,Guangzhou,China is an apartment. The only contacting number is a mobile one. So I think this hair vendor should be a single person who just started to sell hair instead of a hair company. Definitely not a hair factory. Maybe the hair vendor has good relationship with some hair factories and can supply good hair. My basic guess.


+86 13416209411
Whatsapp&IMessags: +86 13416209411

When they started selling hair online?

September 2019 maybe. The domain herhairworld.com was registered on 2016 but updated on 2019. Usually the recent update time was the domain that began to be used. So I guess the herhairworld’s hair business starts officially since September 2019.

Why you think the herhairworld is a single person owned store, not a hair company or hair factory?

I found the hair products’ pictures and about us photos on herhairworld.com can be found somewhere else. The real hair factories and professional hair companies will shoot themselves. (My own guess)

So if you know something inside, welcome to add in the comments section.

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Lilian Nnaji September 25, 2021 - 1:22 am

Thanks for sharing this wonderful knowledge its so helpful to me , I went to cosmetology and hairdressing sch. I don’t won’t to be a full stylelist .. I won’t to sell all type of human hair , attachments , anything that related to hair I want to sell them and also make wigs by myself and sale too . Tho I finished training this yr 2021 march , I want to rent shop for the business but was thinking on how to go about it because I don’t know any supplier of human hair/ attachments etc and I don’t want to go open market bcos the cost will be much on me … So I decided to browse the internet to check on how to go about it than I came across BlackHairClub , pls I need ur help seriously . thanks so much


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