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How to Buy on AliExpress from Canada: Definitve Guide (2021)

by Helen

You can check all the guarantees and buyer protection policy provided by AliExpress by clicking here. You can also see all the frequently asked questions related to shopping on AliExpress by clicking here.

If you’re looking for an online shopping platform where you can find all products you need in your daily life and work with the best value and lowest prices, AliExpress is definitely the best choice for you. There’re unlimited of products at all kinds of categories made in China with very good quality but at very low prices and free shipping.

Although AliExpress is very popular among the whole world now, there’re still many people may or may not heard about AliExpress and have many questions about how to buy on AliExpress from Canada. In this article, we will explain everything about shopping on AliExpress from Canada step by step so you can begin purchasing from AliExpress now.

Click here and go to AliExpress Canada site.

First Step: Register on AliExpress and get a new user coupon, as well as a promotional coupon.

First of all, you must register to be able to buy. We recommend doing it directly with your email so that you will receive all the notifications (you won’t receive them if register, for example, with your Facebook account). AliExpress will give you a Welcome Coupon to use in any store and at any product.

How to find products with shipping to Canada on AliExpress

Although AliExpress ships products worldwide, it is best to make sure that the page is configured so that the search only shows products with shipping to Canada. Select your currency and country at the top right of the page.

Use the search bar and the different filters to find more accurate results, or explore the different products through the categories.

Before buying, read the description and specifications of the product

Don’t skip this step for the world. You should always review all the specifications of the product carefully so that you make sure of what you are going to buy. If you have any questions, you can contact the seller.

Check the comments section of other users. There you will find information about their shopping experience and how the product turned out. Another essential thing is to see the reputation of the seller. This will be the key to deciding whether to buy from them or keep looking in other stores. At our blog, we have a Best AliExpress Sellers Guide that you may find useful.

Payment methods accepted for AliExpress Canada

AliExpress is not very different from other online sales platforms. The payment methods are very similar, starting with credit or debit card (the simplest and most recommended option), prepaid or virtual cards, or electronic wallets, among others. AliExpress also offers the ability to pay by bank transfer, but it is the least recommended option.

In the image below you can see all the available methods.

Your money will always be protected due to the escrow system. This means, your payment won’t be released until you confirm you received your order. And your data is also protected at all times.

Shippings: How do they work for Canada

As you can see, there are different shipping methods on AliExpress. Depending on the seller, the available methods also vary, but you can often choose AliExpress Standard Shipping or ePacket, which are usually free or very cheap and highly recommended. The waiting time, being a shipment from China, is considerable, let’s say it takes about a month, although it can be less or more.

There are other options by private mail, with these you will have to wait for less but they are more expensive. The same thing happens with AliExpress Premium Shipping: you will have your package sooner but you will have to pay much more.

Local warehouses in other countries

Did you know that AliExpress has more and more local warehouses in different countries? Although this is still not common in Canada, it probably won’t take too long for you to shop on AliExpress and receive your order via domestic shipping (in a short time and without paying any import taxes).

However, there is the possibility of looking for products with shipping from the United States, which means that you can receive them much faster. To find these products you just have to select the country of origin in your search filters, as you can see in the image below.

How to check the tracking number

You can do this through AliExpress: in the details of your order, you will see messages that will be updated according to the status of the package. There are also different pages on the Internet that allow you to track your order by entering the tracking number.


In Canada, different taxes apply when importing any item. For almost any province you will have to pay 5% on the price of any product for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and only in some, also the Provincial Sales Tax is included, which is 13% (these provinces are British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, and Saskatchewan).

Regarding customs duties, any product that exceeds CAN $ 20 must pay them. These are calculated according to the country of origin, the price and the type of product. It is true that the limit goes up to CAN $ 60 if it is a personal gift from family or friends, but this does not apply to AliExpress purchases (even if they mark it as a “gift”).

Check with your seller about taxes, since sometimes, being fixed, these are included in the shipment so that you do not have to do any extra procedure. In case you have to pay customs or provide any other documentation, the customs staff will contact you directly and explain what to do.

Don’t freak out if in AliExpress the state of your order indicates “In customs”, it is just part of the process. Although if by any chance it says “Held by customs, please contact customs or seller”, then it is a different story and probably you will have to provide extra documentation or pay, but in this case, they will inform you exactly what to do.

How to open a dispute on AliExpress if you have a problem with your order

In the event that your order does not arrive in the established time, that it appears as delivered and you have not received it, or that it arrives defective or with an error, you will have to open a dispute. The best thing is to always talk to the seller before, but if you see that they don’t offer any solution, proceed to make the claim. You just have to go to the order details and click on “open dispute”.

It is important that you do this within the product’s protection period. This time is 60 days, although they have extended it to 90 days in many cases. However, once you receive the order (or it appears as received even though it hasn’t arrived) you will only have 15 more days to do it, so take this into account.

If you have evidence that the order was wrongly delivered (via tracking pages or the courier company), you will need to provide it to support your claim.

Frequent doubts and questions when buying on AliExpress from Canada

What should I do if my order has been detained by customs?

As we already mentioned, if your order is detained, the staff from customs will contact you and tell you what to do.

My order appears as delivered but I have not received anything

You should contact the seller first, but if they do not offer a solution, you should open a dispute and ask for a refund.

Can I buy from another country and send the order to Canada?

Of course, but make sure to know if the person who receives the order has to pay any taxes. It is also possible to purchase from Canada and send the order to another country.

I’m not at home much, can I send my orders to the post office?

No, you can’t provide an address from any post office. If you are not home during delivery hours, you can also give the address from your workplace or anywhere else they can reach you.

How to change any details of my order

If your order hasn’t been sent, contact the seller and explain you need to make a change (sometimes they may ask you to cancel and buy again). But if the order was sent, you won’t be able to make changes.

Can I buy wholesale from Canada on AliExpress or Alibaba?

Yes, in fact, more and more people around the world are doing this for commercial purposes. However, you will probably need a specialist in imports who guides you through the process.

Is it safe to buy on AliExpress from Canada?

As we already said, AliExpress is one of the most reliable online sales platforms. In addition, it offers great benefits due to its low prices and good brands.

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