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How to Choose a 4*4 Lace Wig That’s Suitable for You

by Helen

If you’re new to lace wigs or don’t know much about lace wigs, you may be confused with the types and sizes of the wigs.

Lace Types of the Wigs

Different lace types are used in the making of the lace wig. Like, French lace, Swiss lace, German lace, etc. The French and the Swiss lace are more popular because they are thin and undetectable. The French one is more durable than the Swiss. So it is considered as being of the finest quality.

Size Types of the Wigs

Different size types contain 4*4, 5*5, 13*6, 13*5, and more.

The first digit number is the size of the across length from ear to ear. And the second digit is the length back and forth from the front to the back of the head. And these are the sizes of the laces, not the size of the hair. The parameter of measuring the length is inches. So a 4*4 lace wig is a wig whose lace length is 4 inches across and 4 inches back and forth. The measurement criteria are the same for the other sizes like 5*5, 13*6, 13*5, etc.

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There are other types like a frontal wig and a closure wig. The main difference between the frontal and the closure wig is that the frontal wig creates that hairline from one ear to the other ear, and the closure ones create the partition of the hairline. The usual size of the closure one is 4*4. And for most of the frontal wigs, the size is usually 13*4.

How to Apply a 4*4 Lace Wig

First of all, you need to wear your wing cap on your hair. The wing cap is usually of the same color as the wig. For that, you need to make your hair as flat as possible.

Then you have to apply the elastic band. For the application of the elastic band, you place the band on the back of one ear and then gently stretch it to the other ear and cut off the extra length. Make sure it is not too tight that it will hurt the neck. Attach the ends of the band to the wig by using the string and stitching it to the lace of the wig. Now cut the extra lace present on the wig up to the hairline.

It is optional for you if you want to wash your wig before wearing it. If you are the sort of person too much concerned about hair hygiene then you can wash it with the recommended shampoo and conditioner if any. And let it dry. It is optional to use an edge booster before wearing your wig. It is also an optional thing to apply a scarf for half an hour to the front to make it smooth and flat. Now you are ready to wear your wig and style your look.

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