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How to Choose Your First Wig

by Helen

If you have decided to buy your first wig, here’re 3 useful tips for you.

1. Human hair wigs should be your first choice. Human hair wigs have the most swing and bounce. Human hair wigs can be washed and heated just like your own hair. They will last 6 months to 1 year if cared well. Of course human hair wigs are more expensive than general synthetic wigs. One good quality human hair wig is always with more than one hundred dollars. Synthetic hair wigs require less maintenance and always with under $50 prices. Synthetic wigs always last 3-4 months.

2. Think well how you usually wear your hair. It you like to pull your hair back, your wig’s cap should have lace at the crown for a natural-looking hairline.

3. Always cut or trim your wig once it’s on your head – even if you love the hairstyle. All wigs have too much hair to suit most people so you need to cut back to fit your own face shape. If you have a synthetic hair wig, be sure your hairstylist who cuts or trims it knows how to cut synthetic hair; special shears must be used.

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