How to Find The Best AliExpress Hair Suppliers 2022

Is it possible to find the best AliExpress hair suppliers for reselling hair from China? Yes! It’s quite simple if you know the parameters to pay attention to. And we will give you them in this checklist to ease this task.

AliExpress ( should be your No.1 choice if you want to wholesale hair online. It has as many as 528 millions visitors till January 2021 and the number is growing. It’s the most popular international eCommerce website from China that attracts both hair buyers and sellers online,  who resell their hair products on other marketplaces or online shops.

Although AliExpress is so famous around the world now, many people still search for answers for the next questions: Is AliExpress safe to buy from? And reliable enough? How to find the best AliExpress hair suppliers for reselling? That is to say, what are those trustworthy and reliable AliExpress hair sellers?

We will answer all these questions here.

Let’s see why and how it is possible to find a good hair supplier on AliExpress.

Is AliExpress safe to buy from?

Yes, AliExpress is safe and reliable. It’s a real company that belongs to the Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba. It has more than 528 million visitors who make $72 billion in spending in 2021. Hair products take a big share of this sales figure. Although the hair products on AliExpress have a different quality but it’s safe to buy from AliExpress because they provide a buyer protection program (which makes it even safer than eBay). That is to say,  Aliexpress guarantees its customers that if the product doesn’t arrive as described or in time, they will provide a full refund. )

The thing is even if a seller refuses to return money out of any reason, all dispute cases and refund requests are considered by the Aliexpress marketplace (not a particular vendor), and they always help. So any order made directly on Aliexpress is protected. 

And it’s not just a fake promise. Many readers of us have received full refund for several hair products including wigs they’re not satisfied with the final wearing effects.

AliExpress only accepts the world-known payment methods, so there is no need to worry about your money.

The first step for having a successful wholesale business is to source good hair products from reliable hair suppliers. Selling good quality hair can reduce the return rate.

There is one very important point that the hair suppliers you’re going to purchase from must deliver in time besides being professional at hair industry and can provide better customer service.

On the contrary, bad hair products or unreliable AliExpress hair suppliers can end up in more open cases, return requests, and late shipments.

The first also the most important parameter you should consider is the price. Many hair sellers from China sell same quality hairs for different prices.

#1 Sort by Orders

One of the methods to find a good AliExpress hair seller is to sort out hair vendors by number of the orders on the search results.

#2 Check the Reviews

You can check the reviews the hair products have on the AliExpress product page. There you can see the feedback containing photos left by the buyers who already purchased the hair. 

Don’t only read the good buyers’ reviews, also remember to check the bad buyers’ reviews to sort out the doubts about the product quality, real shipping time, and communication with this specific AliExpress hair seller. Keep in mind that the buyers can be picky. If you meet the same issue described a few times in the product feedbacks, consider checking another hair vendor for this product.

#3 Check Offered Shipping Methods by AliExpress Hair Suppliers

A hair supplier that doesn’t offer a good shipping option is typically out of option.

A good shipping method must offer a tracking number.

#4 Check the Offered Returns and Buyer Protection

Be attentive: Some AliExpress suppliers cooperate with local return services in the country of destination and can offer free local returns. Nonetheless, they are in the minority. 

It’s highly recommended: work only with those AliExpress hair sellers who offer the buyer protection.

What is AliExpress Buyer Protection?

The AliExpress Buyer Protection is the standard set of guarantees, known as Buyer Guarantees, provided to protect their customers from unreliable AliExpress sellers and bad shopping experience. It supposes a money-back guarantee in case the item didn’t arrive, was shipped damaged, or was not as described.

The Buyer Protection on AliExpress starts at the moment of product purchase. Its time is displayed on the order information on My Orders page. It ends 15 days later the buyer confirms the order is confirmed. However, it’s possible to prolong it by sending the Purchase Protection Extension Request.

AliExpress promises your money back if the item is not delivered within the Buyer Protection period. You can get a refund 15 days after the claim process finishes. Furthermore, if the item doesn’t match the product description the AliExpress seller has provided, you can ask for a partial refund.

This guarantee is in addition to and does not limit your statutory rights as a consumer, as granted by all mandatory laws and regulations applicable in your country of residence.


Aliexpress vendors that offer Free Return service will have Free Return icon on their item details page. If you will need to use AliExpress buyer protection, open a dispute on Aliexpress. All actions connected with the orders on Aliexpress like cancelling, tracking, opening a return/refund dispute are managed from the My Orders section (My account > My Orders).

Even though, Aliexpress seller can not agree with you. Aliexpress checks all requests and can step in to help you. Providing enough proves raises your chances to get a refund.

Similarly, if you need to cancel your order on Aliexpress, open the My Orders section, locate the necessary order there. Then click on View Details at the top left corner of the order to process the cancellation or open a return request. Pick the necessary reason and provide as much information and proves as possible.

#5 Check the AliExpress Sellers’ Store Performance

The last step would be to look through the Aliexpress suppliers overview. You can do it by holding the mouse on the seller’s store title. You will see the seller performance that includes the positive feedback rate and the communication, shipping speed, and “item as described” rate they got from their buyers.

As for beginners who just start purchasing from AliExpress, please choose the vendors with higher than 95% positive feedback rate.

Another good indicator is the Top Brands sign near the store name. The top brand sellers are the Aliexpress best sellers. They get this sign if they sell the best quality products, very good seller rating, and awesome customer service.

Final Lines

Now you know how safe is Aliexpress and are familiar with the important criteria, thanks to which you can find the best Aliexpress vendors and suppliers. Cooperating with trustworthy Aliexpress sellers will surely help you in building a successful hair business and establishing your own good seller rating and reduce product cancellations and bad reviews.

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