How to Get a Stylish Fila Cropped Hoodie in Minutes

Wearing Fila has become fashion in recent years. Fila’s colors and classic designs always catch the fashion of every year. Fila’s iconic colors are white, dark blue (or known as navy blue or royal blue) and special orange (developed by Fila). Sometimes they will release some clothing printed with special flowers, plants or just things. Young people love wearing Fila in a fever.

Everyone who loves Fila must have one or several Fila hoodies at home. Although Fila hoodies are always with most classic designs, but we girls are always tired of wearing one same clothing for a longer time. It’s a real pity to throw a Fila hoodie away since Fila is not a cheap brand. All their clothing items are not cheap. Today, one smart girl will show us how to change a classic Fila hoodie into a sexy cropped hoodie in minutes!

The video is found on Fashion Wizardry’s YouTube channel.

The sewing machine used in the video

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