How to make highlight wigs at home for beginners?

Today, we are going to talk about Highlights wig. Are you tired of nature black hair lace wigs and want to get some highlights wig? Now I’m going to show you how you canget a highlights wig easily at home.

Step 1: Section the wig in four parts basically, Pick four sections hair, the first section is going to be the closure at the top from the front of the head about two inches wide, and take two sections on the each side, and a section in the back. I recommend doing these just because it can help us to keep everything undercontrol.

Step 2: Prepare the colors you want.I am using my favorites, bleach with the blue additive and 30 volume developer that blue additive is going to go in and bleach and tone at the same time, that way the hair will be more of a golden color as opposed to an orange color.

Step 3: Highlight the wig. The first section we’re going to start with the closure, weaving out this piece and then back comb about three times, that is going to guarantee that don’t have a harsh line of demarcation, and have a smooth transition after applied the bleach down the shaft of the hair, set the bleach exactly where you want it, then fold your foil vertically, do the samething again, so that two-inch section is going to have three foils in total, we should have three foils with a lot of little hairs left in between.Then we move on to next section, it’s really important that we don’t go horizontally or vertically, we want to go on a diagonal, and that’s going to allow the hair to again appear like there’s way more color happening, because when it goes back, we’re going to see that color just going to flow really nicely. If it’s straight down and straight across,it’s going to look weird. Weave it out from a slanting angle, back comb it, apply the bleach and continue repeat, put about four foils on each side ofhead. when we’re done this, there are three in the middle and four on eachside, wait for 30 minutes and then take the wig down and wash it out, spray alittle leave-in conditioner equivalent and blow-drying it.

So you see, it’s easy right? Try it now.

The article was provided by MeetuHair.

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