How to Make Your Hair Business Profitable and Lucrative!

You may already know how to start a hair business, but you probably don’t know how to make your hair business profitable and lucrative. Among all people who have started hair businesses, only a few of them are successful. So here comes the first advice for you when planing to start your own hair business, don’t quit your daytime job before your hair business can bring you enough money. Please start your hair business as a part-time job.

Knowing What Hairs to Sell

When starting your hair business, learn your future clients and make clear what hairs they want. Make sure your clients are willing to give you their hard earned money in exchange for a look and feel good hair experience.

Almost every hair wholesaler would advice their clients about how to sell hair extensions or wigs and what hair extensions and wigs to sell. Just take wholesalers’ advice as personal suggestions. The hair wholesalers just want you to buy their hair , you won’t consider for you what your clients need. So put all your focus on your Wholesale hair after knowing your clients’ hair needs well.

How to Find Your Ideal Clients’ Real Hair Needs

Many hair sites like telling people that only their hair will make you successful. What you need to do is to ask 20 or 30 people around you about their hair needs. They will inspire you the real truth about starting your hair line. You will get many answers for your planing hair business, including your ideal clients’ age, income, geography, cultural background, and so on.

Then you need to know what purposes your clients buy hair for. They would wear the wig for a role play, daily wear, to attend a wedding, etc. Try to discover what your clients really want. The true needs of them.

Most people prefer to finished wigs instead of weaves nowadays.

Keep in mind always finding your clients a good solution for their needs will help you to keep a long-time relationship with your hair clients. Always know what hair products your clients are most likely to buy from you.

If you don’t know how to serve your clients well, you can learn from your competitors. Maybe they have found many good solutions already. You can visit and analyze your competitors’ hair and beauty stores if you want. Check their product descriptions, images, prices, shipping service, and more. You can talk to them directly to ask your questions about their hairs and stores. If you’re found to be a hair seller, just be frank and tell them you plan to start your own hair business. Maybe they will help you or cooperate with you.

Where to Find Good Hair Wholesalers

I recommend reading my below articles. The lists will save your time and energy. Most importantly, they can help you to avoid scams when finding hair suppliers.

Tell the World You’re Selling Hair and Wigs

Now you know who wants to buy hair from you and what hair to sell, and you have the best hair vendors for the hair you’re going to sell. The final step is to tell the world you’re in hair business already.

  • You can start an online hair store, sell on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. You should prepare a page that can show all your selling hair products. You should make your clients can find the hair products they want easily. Also make it easy to shop from you.
  • Write every hair product in details. Use good looking pictures and make your hair looks appealing. You can use images or videos. Give your visitor the impression she knows how she will look when she has received the hair.
  • Write a great about us or about me page to let your clients know your mission and vision on the hair business. Tell them why you started selling hair. Make sure the story is not only about you and your achievements, but also make sure they know your store is all about their needs, challenges, and goals. You’re giving right solutions to your clients.
  • You can also start a blog to share your expertise and the trends in the hair business. This can help you to entertain and educate your visitors and clients. Remember, visitors need to hear about you several times before they will start to think buying hair from you. A blog and of course new images of hair will keep your site interesting enough for people to return. That is what you need, returning visitors.

Promote Your Hair through Social Media Platforms

Social media, like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok are great platforms that will help you to engage with your ideal client. Do not only share images of your latest hair offer, but also add information and entertainment. Act in a similar way as if you would have a brick and mortar store. You would also chat about other things, and not only about hair, right. Thanks to your ideal client profile you know what the interest are, and the cultural background. Feel free to use this insight to post, next to hair pieces, hair extensions, and wigs.

Social media is not one way traffic, of course you reply to comments if appropriate, but you can also like and comment on postings of your clients who follow you. This will create a relationship, but you must avoid it starts to feel you are stalking your clients. You do not need the ideal client template to understand this.

Do Not Neglect the Packaging of the Hair.

When you have your first sale, you will first jump in the hair, and you get my congratulations. But now you need to post the hair to your first client. What is the best packaging for the hair? The packaging of the hair has two reasons. First, you want your precious hair to be protected during the shipment. You do not want the hair to be damaged by the post or courier. That will disappoint your client and you will have to take care of another shipment. No good, so select a packaging for the hair that will give maximum protection.

The other reason to package the hair is because you can advertise for free. Imagine your client to receive the hair while she has her friends visiting her. These friends will not only see the joy the receipt of your hair will cause, but they will also see your brand name. They will not even have to ask, your company name on the packaging will give them something to search on later. They will search for your online hair store to find hair they like! All you must do is to add your brand name on the packaging for the hair.

Of course, you consider our environment, so, if possible, no plastic. There are awesome solutions in other materials, a great way to show your clients you are interested in their wellbeing in the long run too.

Grow Your Hair Line Bigger and Better.

Now you have everything working you can really start to make your hair store grow. Use the footprint of your visitors of your online store that is visible in Google Analytics. See where they leave your store and find solutions to keep them. Like better navigation, another hair image, or an internal link to a related product they may like more. Keep them in your store until they have found what they are looking for. Show a sign up form for your newsletter, to keep them informed about your special offers and to make sure they will keep your brand name in their mind. So, when they are ready to buy, they think first of visiting your store!

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