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How to Spot a Fake Human Hair Wig

by Helen

Buying wigs online has made it easier to fall into the trap of buying fake human hair, and that is why you need to know how to identify human hair.

You need to know if the hair you bought it original or fake.

When you buy hair online, how would you be able to know if it is real or fake?

This is a typical situation for most women. An Instagram vendor posts a picture of an attractive woman twirling a luscious-looking wig.

She rushes to the vendor’s direct message to ask for the price, and she is told that it is over $100. She lets the vendor know the exact hair she wants and transfers the money she saved up or she even borrows money to buy the wig.

When the wig comes, something feels strange. It is not as advertised.

This wig is fake but it is not so easy to know [pinterest]

o how do you know how to identify a fake wig?

Try the following;

This is the easiest way to know if you have bought real or fake hair. Fake hair tangles unnecessarily and excessively. Even though human hair tangles too, it is not as much as fake hair would.

Fake hair melts while real human hair burns. Human hair will curl up into a ball and catch fire immediately and, it will smell like hair burning. Fake hair will melt and smell like rubber when touched with fire.

Human hair wigs turn wavy and curly when wet, spray some water on it and see if it curls. If it curls then it’s real human hair, if it does not curl, it is fake.

This might be a little extreme, but if you want to get to know whether the hair you bought is fake or original. Then cut some strands from it and apply bleach to it. Human hair will tighten but, fake hair will burn when bleach is applied.

All hair sheds but if it is too much, then you can know for sure that the hair is not genuine.

Why we don’t suggest to buy through Instagram?

It’s most likely to get scammed and can’t get refund.

If you don’t know the vendor well, we suggest to buy through AliExpress where your money is guaranteed. If you receive a poor quality wig, you can get your money back with the help of AliExpress Escrow.

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