How To Start A Hair Business: Full Guide (2022)

How to wholesale human hair from China is a big topic and I will divide it into several subjects. Today I’m going to talk about how to find a hair distributor and wholesale human hair from them.

Firstly let’s be clear about one thing, 90% hair suppliers you can find through Google and AliExpress are distributors. Although they usually mark themselves FACTORIES, we all know that they’re not. It costs many many money to operate a hair factory. Only a few hair factories sell human hair online since they made the deal with their distributors not to compete with them by high competitively lower prices.

If you’re a big hair retailer in US, you may contact the factory directly. If not, I suggest you find a reliable hair distributor since they have more time and efforts to serve you than factory.

To find a reliable hair distributor, you need to follow the below 4 steps:

Step 1: Search Wholesale ***(your own want to buy products) in Google

You can find lots of hair suppliers through the above way. Most of them may label themselves FACTORIES. No matter what they label themselves, put all them into a list. In the list you may need to write some brief information, such as Company Name, Website Address, Location, Selling Products, Price Range, Contact Information, etc.

Step 2: Search ***(your own want to buy products) in AliExpress

Put all hair stores you find on AliExpress selling your required products into the distributors list you’ve made in the step 1.

Step 3: Change the long messy distributor list into a short A-list.

After step 1 and step 2, you’ve got many many hair suppliers in your list. Next you need to cut the list short. There’re two ways you can use to see how popular the detailed supplier is. As for AliExpress, you can distinguish them easily by their store levels since AliExpress have leveled them by their successful orders and positive customer feedback.

best aliexpress hair stores


The higher the level is, the more popular the store is. As for hair suppliers with their own websites, you can use to check how many visitors they have per month. The result from is 90% accurate.

aliexpress similar web

Step 4: Contact all A-list hair suppliers for samples and order details.

Keep in mind all the time that some hair suppliers you find may share a factory while one hair supplier may cooperate with many hair factories at the same time.

Top AliExpress Hair Sellers With Close Relationship To HAIR FACTORIES:

(Just for your consideration)

(Store Name, Shop Link)

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