How to Start a Hair Business in Nigeria 2021

How to start a hair business in Nigeria and start making money.

A recent report on global hair business shows that Africa’s hair market is currently worth over $6 billion a year and growing quite rapidly. The hair here we mean human hair extensions, human hair weaves and human hair wigs needed by many contemporary African women young and old.

Even with the recent natural hair movement that has seen many African women going back to growing their naturally kinky hair, hair extensions and wigs still remain as convenient alternatives for women who rock the hair extensions and wigs while growing their natural hair underneath simultaneously.

For many women, hair extensions and wigs are an essential commodity, not a luxury. It is an item equally as important as their clothing or makeup.

If you are looking to start a business here in Nigeria, the hair business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria right now. It’s very profitable.

How to Start a Hair Business in Nigeria

Many people are interested in starting a hair business in Nigeria but don’t know how to start with. In this article, I will explain the details about how to start your own hair business in Nigeria. The hair business is high profitable, scalable and the best part, you can start it with as little as 300k or less.

Now, let’s get started.

4 Steps to Start Your Own Hair Business

  1. Learn about the hair business
  2. Do the research for your hair business
  3. Find a reliable hair supplier
  4. Invest in marketing

How to Start a Hair Business in Nigeria

#1 Learn about the hair business

If you want to start and grow a successful hair business in Nigeria, you have to know it firstly.

When we talk about hair business, we usually mean hair extensions and wigs. There’re two types of hair extensions and wigs, human hair and synthetic. We mean human hair business here.

Human hair wigs are more popular now since many people can wear easily at home. There’re still many people who like human hair bundles and closures that needs professional skills to install.

No matter for human hair bundles or human hair wigs, there’re many different types, including Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, etc. There’re also many different textures, colors and lengths. Human hair wigs would come in more different choices.

Get familiar with the current hair industry as a whole.

#2 Do the research for your hair business

Do a research before investing in your hair business is very important. Your research will help you define who your ideal customers are, where to find them, what they want, and how many they are.

You can simply design a simple questionnaire and send it to your potential buyers to fill.

Their answers would give you a clue as to how much they are willing to part with to buy a human hair wig; the average number they would buy in a year or six months, their preferred type of hair, their preferred inches, colours, etc.

Other questions you need to think:

What types of hair would you need to stock in varieties and how many pieces of each would you need to buy? How much would it cost? How about the logistics of getting your hair extensions and wigs imported from China to Nigeria?

What would the margin be if you bought from China directly? What would the margin be if you bought from a wholesaler here in Nigeria?

Would it still be profitable enough for you? How much would you need minimum to buy a few pieces of each type of hair that your potential customers need?

You need to figure all these out and know your numbers before approaching a wholesaler here in Nigeria or making your order from China through or

China and India are the two main countries manufacturing human hair extensions and human hair wigs in the world. So, you can either get from these two places. The hair products from China are usually with better techniques, better quality and lower prices.

Peruvian, Brazilian, and all other hair are just branded names, China and India are the two countries exporting hair to other countries in the world, especially, Africa.

However, most Indian hair companies now have outlets in Africa and Nigeria so, no need to import from India again.

But as for China, you could import from China and sell at a good price here in Nigeria. You do not need to travel all the way to China by yourself.

You could mini-import using websites like or

#3 Find a reliable hair supplier

One of the most important steps in starting your own hair business is to find a reliable hair supplier.

You could either get your hair directly from China, or buy from hair suppliers or wholesalers here in Nigeria. I’ll advise that you import from China directly. That way, you get good in bulk at a much cheaper rate, sell for a reasonable price to your customers while also smiling to the bank with a cool profit margin.

#4 Invest in marketing

Once you’ve decided to start your hair business, it’s time to start telling people about it.

Let your friends, families, colleagues, neighbours, and everyone you come across know that you are into the hair business and you have beautiful stuff. The power of word-of-mouth advertising is often underrated.

What’s more, if you really want your hair business to grow and scale, word of mouth alone will not cut it. You would have to invest in advertisements and other forms of marketing.

Happily, this is the era of digital marketing and social media has made things very easy.

I can assure you that no matter who your target market is, they hang out of some social media platform be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Instagram.

Why not spend some money on digital marketing, I.e. Google ads and/or Facebook ads, etc.?

Digital marketing doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, in fact, it’s far cheaper than traditional marketing and it’s very easy to track the success of your ad.

You’ll also want to invest in your channel of distribution so that your product is effectively available for people to buy where ever they need it.

Below are some other frequently asked questions about starting a hair business in Nigeria

Where do Nigerian Hair sellers buy from?

Nigerian hair sellers who are suppliers buy their hair extensions and wigs from China largely. For those who are Nigerian hair sellers – retailers, they buy from Nigerian suppliers. If you cannot afford to buy your products in bulk from China, you can find good deals with Nigerian hair suppliers.

How much does a hair vendor cost?

Hair vendor cost depends on your budget and the type of hair extension and wig you want to deal in. You could start with 500k or more if you want to go into real human hair. On the other hand, you could start with less than 500k, it all depends on your budget.

How much does it cost to start a hair business in Nigeria?

Hair vendor cost depends on your budget and the type of hair extension you want to deal in. You could start with 500k or more if you want to go into real human hair. On the other hand, you could start with less than 500k, it all depends on your budget.

Always remember people don’t buy hair extensions or wigs (or even anything) because they love the seller or because the package is awesome. People buy because they NEED the good quality hair extensions or wigs. So focus on the quality always!

There are some other items that you could add to your human hair extension business like bands for weaves, needles, weave on oil, weave on a stick, hair treatments, human hair treatment, edges control, and so on.

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