How to Start a Hair Business in the United Kingdom?

You want to start a hair business the United Kingdom, because you love hair and you are great with people and these two great factors will bring you a big success in hair business. But when is the best time to start and what if you don’t have too much money to start? In this article we will help you to start your own hair business in the United Kingdom. After reading this article, you will know how to start selling hair in the United Kingdom and be good with it!

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Is it the right time to start a hair business in the United Kingdom now?

Yes, it is! There are two clear reasons to support this positive conformation. First:

  • After the 13 percent drop in 2020 due to Covid-19, demand for hair shows a clear recovery in the United Kingdom in the last months of 2020 and early 2021. The demand for hair is getting back to the previous level of Year on Year growth. This is a good reason to sell hair extensions again in the UK. Customers are looking for hair to replace the hair they bought one to two years ago, and new customers have entered the market.
  • An even more important evolution, there is a clear shift from in-store sales to online hair sales. Ecommerce is the clear winner of the Corona crisis in the UK. Your clients feel more secure to buy their hair online. Between 2 to 3 of every bundle of hair, wig, closure, clip ins, or other hair piece that was sold in-store before, are now sold online. Or soon will be. In the UK, selling hair is a booming online business!

Monthly Hair Import United Kingdom 2020

The graph shows the monthly import of human hair in the United Kingdom in 2020. After the dip in the first half, you can see the recovery on the second half.

The Hair Market in the United Kingdom

The demand for hair, expressed in the import of hair in the UK, has shown a stable growth path in the years before Corona. The graph below shows the year on year hair sales in the United Kingdom. You can see the drop in 2020.

Import Hair United Kingdom 2016-2020

The graph shows the normal level of steady growth of the demand for hair and hair products in the United Kingdom the last years, with the impact of Corona in 2020.

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There’re too many people selling hair extensions in the United Kingdom. I’m not the best professional at sewing for customers.

These two years, wig become more and more popular than hair extensions. It’s a good idea to only focus on wigs.

I want to sell all the type of hair available!

Wrong, it’s better to focus on one type of hair for example Brazilian or Indian and to become the expert on this for the United Kingdom. You can offer hair weave, clip ins or tape in but focus on one type of hair. This will allow you to compete on service and not on price and will keep you in the hair business much longer.

I don’t know what my target clients want.

Listen, all you must do is to listen to your target audience, to find out what hair they are looking for. Use the social media from online hair and beauty stores to learn from the remarks in the comments. What are their followers sharing? What do they like, and what are their complaints about the hair? Prepare a list of questions that will help you to find answers not only on what type of hair they are interested in, but also how you should market your product and what kind of after sales services your clients are looking for. Do not forget to thank the people you interviewed, give them a small present and ask for their email address to contact them when you are in business.

I don’t have too much money to start.

There is always money for great ideas. Because now you know what your clients are looking for it is time to get some samples and to buy your first stock of hair extensions and wigs. If you have a daytime job, try to save a little and if you want some extra cash consider a small loan, from family. It is also possible not to borrow direct from your family but to ask them to help you to get a small loan.

I don’t have a shop.

In current times, you can sell on many platforms online, including Facebook and Instagram. If you’re a new hair business owner, don’t suggest spending lots of time and money on building your own online shop.

Nobody asks.

Start with your friends and the people you interviewed. 

Build a mailing list, a mailing list is Gold for every business, because with a mailing address you have already one foot between the doors of your client. They will know who you are and if you email them on a regular basis with some new arrivals or special offers, they will think of you when they want to buy new hair extensions or wigs. Make sure you do not violate any spamming law, so use a trusted email provider. This will also allow you to send out a sequence of emails to your email subscribers, which will help you to focus on your business while maintaining customer contact. 

I tweet and post every day, but nobody buys.

Social media is about being social, not about the highest number of shout outs. A Twitter, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook account is free to set up, but need to be maintained for the best results. Through your social media you can reach a lot of people with your offers, but you should really invest in building a relation with your clients. Do not only tweet special offers ¨two bundles one for free”, etc. But interact with your followers. Retweet, comment and do not forget to thank them if they commented on your posting.

Do not miss the great chances the UK market is offering now and start selling hair now!

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