i13 TWS AirPods Clone Review

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The i13 TWS is an awesome bluetooth earphone which has even more features than the real Apple Airpods itself.

i13 TWS AirPods Clone Review

The i13 TWS’ designed i13 TWS size mic and high audio quality are made to challenge the real Apple Airpods and it has combine looks from the previous series of i11 and i12. So these are the i13 series are one of the highlight for this March and April 2019.

Here is the box guys it looks just like the real Apple Airpods except it’s missing a dot there. As for the case, its applies to most box design. It resembles the real Apple Airpods box itself.

Let’s see what else is in the case these do have wireless charging as you guys can see there which is always a great feature and then it comes with a cord that is micro USB not USB type-c. Previous i12 TWS is the lighting cable charging. It is still good and then you have a user’s manual that have both English and Chinese words.

Here is what the case looks like it is looks a little bit more close to the real Apple Airpods case this is the eye attends by the way the it’s more of an oval instead of a kind of more straight like the real Apple Airpods are.

You have the button on the front of the case right here as you guys could see there um instead of on the back and you also don’t have any writing on the back and no button but it is magnetic has a nice snap there. This magnetic snap is the coolest feature ever!

The bottom of the case looks like with that micro USB and then this button all this button does is charge it so as you guys can see once you press that button a nice blue LED turns and then the red LEDs in there but you can also turn off it has auto power on in an auto power off.

When you take it out it will power on and then right when you put it back it will power off that’s what the inside of the case looks like. This happens only until you pair to your phone the first time then it will not blink anymore which is obviously good so there will be no blinking lights.

You have a nice the two the dot here and then the little piece there but you do not have the sensor there you do have a sensor on this side though so they just didn’t put it there is they put it there I’d love these so much more on the bottom there you have your charging and then you also have your L right there and then our on the other one so it is just 1 dot away from looking exactly like the real Apple Airpods size that everything is the same they feel like really good quality.

Obviously you have that magnet which is beautiful so they have auto power on auto power off so right when you take them out they’ll turn on and right when you put them in they’ll turn off auto pairings so they will pair to your phone right away right when you take them out they have touch controls.

Wireless Touch

Let’s see headset key functions you can call Siri power on power off which obvious and then you have volume up volume down so volume up is two taps on the right volumes down on the left long press is to call Siri or whatever your person is on your phone it works for both Samsung and iPhone and then previous is just a click click three times for your preview song which is on the right and click three times on the left and that will get you to the next song so a little reverse.

There’s just a bunch more stuff so it does have touch controls if you guys want you can use one earpiece at a time so if you only want to hear on the right you just take it out and then it will pair and you can only use that or you can just take out the left in either one but another great thing about the i13 TWS it has AI px6 waterproof rating so there’s no need to worry about the you know sweat getting in and running it so it’s kind of like the i-10 where it was water-resistant.

Wireless Charging

The Bluetooth distance I got around just under 33 feet away from my phone indoors and then the playtime’s about 2 to 3 hours per just taking it out but you can charge it back in the case up to four different times your charging time takes about one hour and they do give you the case it uses bluetooth and like I said both earpieces can use both at once or just individually.

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