i30 TWS AirPods Clone Review

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AirPods has been one of the most popular and in-demand Apple products since its gone on sale in 2016. As one top wireless earphones, AirPods have taken the whole world by storm. The only inadequacy of AirPods is its price is too high and not everyone can afford it.

As a result of Apple AirPods’ high price, there’re umpteen AirPods alternatives that have flooded the market. This confuses most AirPods buyers and they don’t know which one to go for. If it’s too cheap, you know it won’t have the good quality. If it’s too expensive, then we might as well buy the original Apple Airpods directly. So most buyers need a good mix of features and price.

The AirPods clone we review today will satisfy most user’s need. The i30 TWS. TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo. This means it’s a Bluetooth technology that lets you pair the left and right channels of Bluetooth separately.

It’s the latest tech in wireless earphone technology.

i30 TWS AirPods Clone Review


The packaging of i30 TWS is very similar to original Apple AirPods’ style. Inside the box you will see a pair of i30 TWS earphones. The charging box has a neat click when you close it and seems super sturdy when you open it. Many cheaper AirPods clones have poor quality hinges and become loose after some time of usage.

About the i30 TWS

The i30 TWS has a W1 chip. What is a W1 chip? It’s the chip that controls the pop-up screen that you see in the AirPods. You need to pop open your i30 connector and you can automatically sync it with your phone which is a pretty cool feature that you can get for a less price.

The i30 TWS has a 4 hours of playback time. Although one hour lesser than the original Apple AirPods, 4 hours playback time is still pretty decent and it’s totally worth the price.

Syncing the i30 TWS

To sync the i30 TWS, you only need to open the i30 TWS charging case lid and then immediately you will see the interface on your iPhone change and you need to click on the Connect button. Now that they have been synced, you just have to take your earphones out each time you want to use and it will be automatically paired with your phone. It’s incredible and unbelievable!

The i30 TWS can be placed and charged inside the original Apple AirPods’ charging case. The i30 TWS’ charging box can also hold and charge the original Apple AirPods. So if you lose your original Apple Airpods earphones or its charging box, you can buy one i30 TWS to mix for using.

Functions and Use

The i30 TWS’ functions are exactly the same as the real Apple Airpods. It has touch control on both the earphones. If you touch it once, it gets paused and you touch it again, it plays.

The positioning of the mic in the i30 TWS is slightly different from the real Apple Airpods. The i30 TWS is on the top while the real Apple Airpods is slightly below in the middle of the piece.

Sound Quality


When it comes to earphones, music is the most commonly used function. Many earphones have very poor quality of bass. For the uninitiated, the bass is the “boom” effect that one can feel when they listen to instruments like the drums. It’s an important part of the experience.

With the i30 TWS, the bass doesn’t seems to be a problem. Although it’s not as good as the real Apple AirPods, it still has the best bass compared to other wireless earphones.

Mic Quality

One of the biggest advantages of using a wireless earphone is that you can pick up the call directly from the earphones, without having to touch the phone and also have clear and precise communication with the other person. The i30 TWS is a big winner in terms of the mic quality. It’s super clear and has no issues with the quality of the conversation.

Stability in the ear

Considering it’s made of the same design and shape of the real Apple Airpods, there aren’t any many issues with the stability. Once it sticks in your ear, it doesn’t come out, unless you pull it off.

What makes it different from other Airpods alternatives?

Lots of other cheaper Airpods alternatives have these wired signals and lights that light up when different actions are performed. These are pretty glaring and there are lights on the microphone itself. These look below par, that you will never want to carry around.

The i30 TWS can ensure you a seamless experience like the real Apple Airpods.

  • Good battery life.
  • Brilliant quality sound including the bass.
  • A good quality mic that gives you seamless calls.
  • At 1/3rd the price.

Link to buy the i30 TWS on AliExpress:


Price: $26.37

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