i60 TWS AirPods Clone Review | i30 vs i60 – Which is better?

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Since AirPods’ arrival in 2016, it has been on the top of all brands of earphones and headphones all the time. It has been added into everyone’s wishlist. It’s perfect for daily life, including taking calls, listening musics while working out, etc. The only shortage of AirPods is its ridiculous high price. But don’t worry, there’re a slew of TWS earphone products (top quality AirPods clones) available in the today’s market. But since there’re many, you may feel confused which one to buy. Today we’re doing an individual review of one of popular TWS AirPods clones, i60 TWS.

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Today we do the i60 TWS review. Let’s see how it’s different from the other TWS earphones.

i60 TWS Review

Inside the Box

You will find i60 TWS earphones, charging box, the lightning data cable and the instruction manual inside the box. Don’t throw the instruction manual away since it’s very important when you want to reset the earphones.


The design of i60 TWS is very similar to the i30 TWS, which is very similar to the AirPods. It fits in the palm of your hand and has that pristine white finish with the rounded edges. The only difference between i30 TWS and i60 TWS is that i30 TWS has a button on the backside while i60 TWS doesn’t have that button.

So how does it work?

It works when you pop it open. Super simple.

Function and Use

The i60 TWS has the H1 chip. When you pop open the i60 TWS in front of your phone, you will see the charging interface on your phone open up as well. The functionality of i60 TWS is very similar to the other AirPods super copies.

There’re three main functions, Play/Pause, Next Song and Volume Control.

All these three functions can be controlled directly from the i60 TWS itself and you don’t have to go to your phone to access them.

  • If you press once on the i60 TWS, you pause or you can play.
  • If you press twice, you can increase or decrease the volume. To decrease the volume, you should double tap on the left pod and to increase the volume, you need to double tap on the right pod.
  • If you press thrice, you can skip and play the next song.

Before using i60 TWS’s these three main functions, I thought it should be super irritating to perform since you had to tap something in your ear. After getting used to it for days, it seems to be not that bad. But if you want to skip the song, you need to ensure you triple tap and sometimes when you aren’t paying attention, you might not get it right.

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Wireless Charging

As for cheaper TWS models, it’s pretty confusing since you don’t know if your product is getting charged or not. Lots of cheaper TWS versions have various colours blinking all the time.

Things get super easy with the i60 TWS. When it’s fully charged, the notification color is blue, when you’re charging it, through a wireless charger, it turns into red.

Sound Quality and Mic

About sound quality, there isn’t much of a difference at the outset when you compare it to the i30 TWS. Based on the testing I’ve done, the Mic quality of i60 TWS is better than i30 TWS. You can choose only one i60 TWS earphone on your ear when you’re making calls. About music sound, the i60 TWS is pretty good, if not better than the i30 TWS.

Battery Life

Similar to the i30 TWS, the i60 TWS also has a 4 hour of continuous use. It’s an hour lesser than the Apple AirPods. This battery life is still significant, as the charging case can be fully charged, which in turn charges the i60 TWS.

Differences between the i30 TWS and the i60 TWS

There’re a few fundamental differences between the i30 TWS and the i60 TWS. The i30 TWS has a notification light inside the charging box when you open it. There is also a button at the back.

The i30 TWS cannot be charged wirelessly, but the i60 TWS can. Apart from these few differences, there isn’t a major difference between the i30 TWS and the i60 TWS.

Final Conclusion

The i60 TWS is a pretty good TWS earphone. Are there other ones better? Yes. But are there other ones better at the same price? Highly unlikely. The i60 is a perfect positioned product in term of price and offerings.


  • Considering these are very good quality AirPods copies, it’s super affordable.
  • The design is spectacular and the finish quality is astounding.
  • The touch sensors work great and the multi-touch features are perfect too.
  • The notification colors are straight forward and very clear.
  • It has the wireless charging feature which can be a huge boon. That is another wire you don’t have to deal with. I’ve lost those tiny cables on non-wireless chargers and that can be quite annoying.
  • The battery life of 4 hours is astounding.


  • There isn’t much a difference between the i60 TWS and the i30 TWS.
  • The mic quality can be better.

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Link to buy the i60 TWS on AliExpress:


Price: $27.95 [penci_review]

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