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Jennifer Lopez & Niyama Sol Leggings Cheap Alternatives

by Helen

Jennifer Lopez teamed up with Niyama Sol to create her own very own leggings under $88.

“Niyama Sol is focused on contentment, self-love, and other principals for healthy living, which really resonated with Lopez who was heavily involved in the concept and design process,” the press release reads. Scroll down to see how Lopez wears the brand.


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That new new just dropped from my @NiyamaSol collection. 💙 Shop my full #JLoxNiyamaSol collection! Link in story!

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Really beautiful, right? Also a little expensive. $88 is not a bit for everyone. On AliExpress, I discovered some alternatives for you. Maybe they’re not that beautiful like Jennifer Lopez & Niyama Sol ones. But the prices are affordable. Actually speaking, they are with different styles that also look good.

Snake Skin Printed Leggings, $8.21 (reg. $9.89)

Skull&flower Black Leggings, $6.64 (reg. $9.48)

Digital Print Ice and Snow Leggings, $4.89 (reg. $6.99)

Christmas Elasticity Skinny Leggings, $6.92 (reg. $10.82)

Tibetan Blue Captain Fight Leggings, $7.90 (reg. $11.29)

Blue Leaf Printed Leggings, $7.55 (reg. $10.49)

Nessaj High Waist Printed Leggings, $7.99 (reg. $12.68)

Mandala Flower Digital Print Leggings, $7.50 (reg. $10.27)

3D Print Galaxy Leggings, $5.79 (reg. $11.35)

Multicolor Pattern 3D Printing Leggings, $4.99 (reg. $9.98)

More, I found there’re some AliExpress fashion stores who focus on this kind of leggings, I listed best of them below. Go to take a look.

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