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KBL Hair Company Contact Information (2020 Update)

by Helen

For the girls who’re searching KBL’s contact online, here’re what we found through searching Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, AliExpress, DHgate, Amazon, etc.

KBL (Kabeilu), is a professional human hair supplier specialized in high quality virgin human hair products for nearly 11 years. By providing with high quality products and excellent service,KBL is always dedicated to creating real customers values for those who are in need of a full,long and beautiful hair to gain a long-lasting beauty, confidence or even a happy life.

Company Name: Guangzhou Kabeilu Trading Co., Ltd. (广州市卡贝路贸易有限公司)

Website: www.kabeilu.com

Operational Address: Room 1422A, Floor 14, Mingshang Tiandi Leather Plaza, No. 222, Guangyuan West Rd., Yuexiu Dist., Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Customer Hotline: 86-13822134241

Email: webmaster@kabeilu.com

KBL Online Service


86-13822131794   kblsales06@kabeilu.com


86-13822134401   kblsales05@kabeilu.com


86-13822134304   kblsales07@kabeilu.com


86-13822131764   kblsales10@kabeilu.com

KBL hair

Crystal Long



It seems the KBL hair company has closed its AliExpress store and only sell through its individual website. What a pity since it looks more reliable to shop from AliExpress and with Alipay’s guarantee.

There’re only 11 KBL’s hair items selling on Amazon. Very few sales so I think the KBL doesn’t deal with its Amazon business seriously.

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