Learn Something From Meghan Markle’s 4 Classic Looks

Look 1: Long Dark Purple Dress

For all girls, purple is not a easy color to wear. Although both purple and black belong to the dark, purple is very difficult to match. Princess Meghan’s skin is dark, wearing a dark purple dress made her look darker.

The material of this dark purple dress is superior and silk style. It must be very comfortable after wearing. This kind of dress will highlight the stature. The better will looks better, the bad will looks worse. So this dress made Princess Meghan look fat.

The most successful point of this look is her hairstyle which saved the whole look.

Look 2: Red Floral Layered Dress

The design of this floral dress is super complex. The whole look gives people a feeling of country style. But the red color with little flowers make the whole dress look not that clean and cool.

The layers attracted people’s attention to her lower body including the legs. This look made Meghan look shorter than her real height.

Look 3: Blue and White Porcelain Dress

Blue is always Meghan’s lucky color.

The classic blue and white color lightened Meghan’s skin color. The high waist design showed her perfect body proportion and made her look higher. This look is successful!

Look 4: Long White Bodycon Dress

The girls with dark skin colors can wear clean colors clothes, like white. The light colors clothing can lighten the skin color. Bodycon dress, like the name meaning, can show your perfect figure well!

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