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How To Maintain Good Relationship With Your Hair Customers

by Helen

It’s very important to keep interacting with your every hair customer. So here’re some techniques you can learn to main good relationship with your hair customers.

Building Relationship

It’s necessary to keep your hair customers on an email list. Email is the best. Some girls may feel rebellious if you ask for phone numbers from them. Royal hair customers will give you their social contacts willingly. So the thing you need to do is to get your hair customers on your email list.

Never send unnecessary and useless information to your hair customers. Too often is also harmful to your hair business.

Customer Segmentation

You can divide your hair customers into different groups based on their consuming behavior. Then you can send them targeted information which they will definitely like.

Dividing standards (just for your consideration): living places, age, gender; consumption record; etc.

You can collect your hair customers’ basic information through contests or free gifts.

Loyalty Program

If you want to increase your hair customer’s loyalty and boost their repurchases, a loyalty program is a must. Loyalty Program is focused on giving awards and encouraging your repeat customers.

You can use points system, VIP discounts, etc.

Subscription Service

Take Amazon Prime as an example, there will be more than half of American families will join Amazon Prime. Subscription can boost repeat purchases and customer conveniences.

You can let your hair customers know your current stock information so they won’t worry about their loved hair products out of stock. You can also send regular discounts information to them.

Through subscription, you can know well what products and things your hair customers feel most interested. All these informations will help to improve your hair business.

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