Make Money Fast by Selling Rolex Super Clones

Every people has a dream of making money from home. Free time, free space. Recently I found many people have been gaining lots of money through selling Rolex clones. Rolex is one of the top luxury watch brands. Every one wants a Rolex, especially men. However, the price of one real Rolex watch is super high! Even the cheapest model of Rolex costs more than $15,000. Each submariner costs $200,000. Many people can’t afford one real Rolex watch even in their whole life.

But there is always a solution. Many people choose to wear Rolex clones. There’re two kinds of Rolex clones, super clone and AAA+ clone. Super clone looks very very closer to the original. The look is 100% same. Only professional stuff can tell them. AAA+ clones refer to the ones with common quality. Most people would choose super clone. So if you want to sell Rolex clones, I also suggest you selling super clones. Fewer quality problems. Super clones cost more than AAA+ clones.

[blockquote align=”none”]Super clones are all made of 904L while AAA+ clones are usually made of 316L.[/blockquote]

The first step to start your watch business is to find a reliable Chinese watch supplier. This is the most important part.There’re thousands of watch factories making Rolex clones. Only a very few of them can provide super clones we need. The factories don’t sell abroad directly. So you need a professional supplier who’re very familiar with this industry. They need to answer all your questions in time and HONESTLY!!

I once heard a very not cool truth. Many Chinese watch sellers sell watches like this way. For example, you ordered a Starbucks submariner from VSF, they sent you another factory one with only sticker pointing to the VSF. So the watch supplier you will work together must be absolutely honest to you! No lies!

Besides top quality, price is very important.If the supplier you work together gives you very high prices, you won’t have profits. They should provide a very reasonable wholesale prices for you. Only through this way, you can sell your watch to your customers. You will never be the only one who sells Rolex clones in your circle. If you sell high, nobody will buy from you.

Most suppliers don’t sell watch boxes. It’s OK for people who buy for themselves and very familiar people. But if they buy as a gift, you need provide them one watch box which will make the whole gift more good-looking.

Never stock.Order from the supplier after your customer ordered from you. This tip will guarantee you not investing too much money in it. Like the original Rolex, the Rolex clones get upgraded regularly. If you have old stock, it would be very bad for you!

Where to find Rolex clones suppliers?

  • AliExpress
  • Dhgate
  • Ebay
  • Google Search
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • And so on

It’s not difficult to find the suppliers for Rolex clones. But it’s not easy to find a reliable one. Use your wisdom. Contact us and we can also give you some suggestions.

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