New AliExpress Hair Vendors: December 2020

It’s 2021, the new year! Everybody has experienced a lot in the past 2020. Let’s wish each other good luck in the new year 2021. Everything will become better and better!

Today I’m going to share the list of new hair vendors joined AliExpress on December 2020. If you want to check the new AliExpress hair vendors for November 2020, click the below link:

New AliExpress Hair Vendors: November 2020

Everyday there’re new hair vendors who joined AliExpress. Both for hair business owners or retailers who just want a good hair wig or several top quality hair bundles, we all need to discover new good hair vendors. Who knows if there will be a new star who can provide best quality hair with latest hairstyles and best competitive prices some day.

I share the list every month. If some girls know anything about the new hair vendors or have purchased from them, please leave your reviews and experiences in the below comment section. That would be very nice of you!

Every month’s list will be with two small sections focusing on two kinds of hair products, human hair wigs and human hair bundles. Since many AliExpress human hair sellers who most both sell human hair bundles and human hair wigs, I will list the sellers depending on the number of their mainly selling products.

For example, if the new AliExpress hair vendor A sells 100 products in total and there’re 55 wigs among the 100. I will list it on the wig vendors section.

Here we go:

New AliExpress Hair Vendors: Joined on December 2020 

Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Bundles & Closures

The above lists of New AliExpress Hair Vendors are found by us for December 2020. If there’re ones missed, please leave comments to let us know.

***There’re some hair vendors in the above list who’re freshly new but seems good based on total orders, real customer feedback, online YouTube reviews and our professional selecting and reviewing experiences. We picked them out here. Welcome to add your own opinions and reviews about them.

Some hair vendors in the above list we recommend:

#1 Cullinan Official Store

AliExpress Cullinan hair store was registered officially on Dec 4, 2020. Rather new! It has more 100 human hair wigs of various different styles. Although it’s a new store, it has received more than 700 orders. From their customers who already received their wig packages, the wigs from AliExpress Cullinan hair store are with good quality. The prices are also very competitive and the shipping is fast. Till now, it has as high as 100% positive feedback level and 70 followers. Absolutely both these two numbers will grow high along with their buyers receive their packages.

The best-selling wigs on AliExpress Cullinan hair store are headband wigs, trendy and popular wig type recently.

[ Check the store out here

#2 Supericon Wig Store

Supericon Wig Store joined AliExpress on Dec 9, 2020. Although it mainly focuses on human hair bundles, its wigs seems selling better. This is not strange since more and more people prefer to choose good-finished lace wigs for easy wearing. As a hair store on AliExpress, Supericon has received more than 100 orders. No feedback till now. I recommend it here because it almost has various styles of human hair products including human hair bundles and lace wigs. You can find all textures of hair here. You can also find all styles of wigs here. It has 40+ followers. According to my own hair shopping experiences, I think it deserves a try!

[ Check the store out here

Thanks for your reading and I will publish the list of the new hair vendors who joined AliExpress on  January 2021 at the beginning of month February 2021.

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