No More AliExpress Feedback Level In The Future!

AliExpress feedback level has been cancelled by AliExpress officials for a while. It’s cancelled due to AliExpress’ official development strategy planning, BRANDING.

What will happen when feedback level disappeared on AliExpress?

As for we buyers, More Good Than Bad.

Many girls may think that how can we identify good AliExpress hair vendors if there’re no feedback levels for consideration? Feedback level is not the only thing that can tell good AliExpress vendors. It’s actually useful. But some AliExpress vendors used cheating methods to achieve higher feedback levels. Such as buyers will get some cash back if they leave 5-star feedback. There’re even BRUSHES who use numerous delivery addresses and names to help AliExpress vendors to raise their feedback levels. There’re too many hidden rules for feedback levels.

Even without feedback level, there is still one method which will be more helpful than feedback level for us to tell good AliExpress hair vendors, Positive Feedback. I will take BEAUDIVA ( as example to explain to you.

When you’re at the Store Home of BEAUDIVA, there’re two places where you can find the Positive Feedback. One is at the store header near the store name where another is in the main navigation bar.

No matter where you click, you can both achieve the detailed feedback page where you will get all details about all feedbacks left by buyers for AliExpress BEAUDIVA hair company:

If you have time, you can check some feedbacks to see their real shopping experiences with BEAUDIVA. There may be some negative feedbacks that are made from other hair vendors to compete in a wrong way. So use your own thinking.

What kind of feedbacks are helpful and real?

The more detailed information, the better it will be.

The cancellation of feedback level will also bring new AliExpress hair vendors more chances. It means there will be no diamond AliExpress sellers, 5-star AliExpress sellers, etc. All AliExpress vendors are equal to us. It will help AliExpress to grow better and bigger!

So leave your own opinion to talk with us in the comment section!

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  1. Hi, thank you for your article. I was looking for why there is no more diamond, no more crown on Aliexpress for Shops. How do we find quickly a good serious seller then?

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