How to Start Your Own Hair Business: Step by Step

With widespread usage and short lifespan, selling hair can be a very profitable business. Many girls dream of having a hair brand of their own. Today let’s learning how to start a hair brand with only a few or even no money.

To start a hair business, there’re 5 things you should prepare first:

1. Brand Definition

To start a hair business, first you should make a brand. Brand name, brand logo, brand meaning, etc. It doesn’t matter what the brand name is. Just you like is OK. You can name the brand from your personal life experience, why you start your hair business, how you would like to run your hair business, what kind of hair extensions & wigs you plan to sell, etc. Both long and short are OK. But I suggest you short ones which can be recognized and remembered easily.

2. Packaging Customization

A good package can give your customers a very good first impression. Most packages are with brand information, how to buy, contact information, etc. You can search in Google for reference. If you’re not good at Photoshop, I suggest you find a professional people to help you custom a personalized brand which can differ yours from others. The package materials are also very important. Good materials can not only help to protect your products from being destroyed, but also make your customers have a deep impression about your business brand. The color should be better same or close to your website design color. Do not save money on packaging. Good package can bring your brand up a level instantly.

3. Finding a Hair Supplier

This is the most important while most difficult step. There’re too many people and companies who label themselves hair factories. Suppliers may be not factories and factories may not supply hair directly. Most hair suppliers we find are only suppliers who purchase hair from Chinese factories and then resell them with a higher wholesale price. In my own opinion, it’s better to find a good hair supplier who has good cooperation relationship with a good factory.

Good / top hair factories only care their big clients. If you’re with big potential, it’s OK. But as for small business, I really suggest you find a good supplier who may be middle men. They will always reply to your problems timely and patiently.

Do not make the final decision after seeing only a few hair suppliers. At least 10 hair suppliers should be checked and contacted. To check hair extension quality including smell, texture & lasting time, 20” length is best. Do not order too samples from one considering hair supplier. If you have enough money and feel deeply interested with the hair supplier, each 20” length hair extension per texture is best. Take me as an example, I often order 20” body wave with natural color for testing. If I want to test the company which I think it may be reliable, I will order more samples including body wave, kinky curly, deep wave, straight, ombre color, etc.

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4. Good Logistics Service

A good hair supplier plus fast delivery with no-destroy packaging can make a successful hair business. When choosing logistics companies, you should consider the price, delivery time and if damage will happen to your orders. Good communication is also very important.

5. An Online Store

There is no much suggestion on this point since I’m also a fresh newbie to website design. If you have money or are good at IT, you can create a very powerful online store. But if you’re not very good at website design and also don’t want to spend too much money, I think WordPress plus Woocommerce is a very good choice.

The general design should be simple but professional.

There tips are just my personal experiences. Leave your suggest below to join conversation!

39 thoughts on “How to Start Your Own Hair Business: Step by Step

  1. Can you explain more about the paper side of things like getting a llc for a online business and is it necessary.

    1. Its important to get the LLC set up for tax purposes, its also very easy to do and about $100-$200 depending on where you incorporate.

    1. first sample the hair ,find a hair supplier who can supply stable quality hair .At first stage ,i do not recommend to brand the hair .Cause you do not have so many hair orders .Cause for customized packing for brand will have MOQ 1000 or 500 pcs .This will increase the cost of hair .You can use neutral packing first .After your hair business grows ,then considering to brand your hair .
      There are at least 10 customers from this forum to buy hair from me ,they did love our hair .If you have interest ,kindly feel free to contact my whatsapp :+86 13828726826 email

      1. I will be sending an email with a request because I’m not use to the what’s app please look for my email

    1. Hi Tolernisa,

      It’s good to have interest in starting a hair business. The cost depends. But not that much. Frankly speaking, $500 is enough to take the first step. Good luck to you.

      Best regards,

  2. I decided that I wanted to work for myself and since I love extensions starting a hair business is ideal for me any suggestions on what to do next?

    1. Hi Catrenda,

      In hair industry, the first step to success is to have an interest in it. Glad you already made it. Next you need to decide which kind of hair business you want to set foot in. Hair extensions? wigs? Or both. Then find a reliable hair supplier who can provide you good quality hair with competitive prices. This is the most important also most difficult step. You should also think which business type you want to do. For example, will you only sell hair extensions or you want to provide wearing service at the same time? Or maybe you just want to sell already-done wigs.

      Best regards,

      1. I want to sell hair extensions and mink lashes then eventually sell wigs. Also accessories what do u think am I going in the right direction. Do I need to purchase different types of hair from vendor now or just wait until orders come in before I order then send orders out with my business P.O Box address and my brand name on hair bundles in package

      2. Hello Catrenda, If I wanted to sell hair froma supplier, how could I make sure that all the legal stuff is taken acare of when selling something hair from that supplier.

  3. Hi , my question is At what point does the legal paper work step in.? Would I need a sellers permit and llc? And Should this all be done before contacting wholesale suppliers

    1. It’s hard for legal paper work step in. Even if the sellers make permit, there will be always kinds of problems. So you need to select a hair seller carefully and start buying a small amount of hair from him at first.

  4. Hi, I’m interested in this hair business. For a very long time now, I have into hair. I did weave, do braid and customise wigs. So now really want to make it official now. Just how to go about it and please could you recommend any good hair suppliers from Aliexpress.

  5. Hello Can you contact me via email regarding info on starting a braiding hair brand. Im looking for packaging mainly.

  6. I would like to know every step I would need to take broke down in detail. on how to start my hair extension business, all the way down to legal papers cause I really want this to be legit the first go round

    1. It’s hard for the whole hair business to go legal. Once it got legal, it will cost more for us to open a hair business with less profits.

  7. HEllo my name is Briana I wanted to start my hair company ASAP but I’m confused on how do I try the hair or how much of it I should get just to test it out because I don’t wanna sell a bad product I love good weave so what do I do next but three bundles ? Wear them or what I’m confused thank you for your time

  8. I have the passion for hair, I have the finance but having a good supplier is the trickiest thing above all. Now I am confused, i really need advice on how to go about this

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