Super Copy Rolex Buying Ultimate Guide 2021

How to Find Rolex Copies on AliExpress

Many people like visiting forums and social platforms like Reddit to find the answer for where to buy high end Rolex copies. Usually the answers are not very helpful. I even find there’re some guides on the reddit are out of date. So you’re still reading the out-of-date guides on buying high end Rolex copies from China.

For example, the guides on Reddit stresses again and again that you can only find very low end Rolex copies on AliExpress It’s true that these AliExpress is best at providing cheapest products from China and some are with common or even poor quality. But the truth is that you always get what you pay for. Do you think you can buy a Rolex Submariner Starbucks super copy only with $95? Even if the seller told you their watch is the best copy in the market, dare you believe his saying? Absolutely impossible. Even in China, you need to spend more than $600 for purchasing one Top Quality Rolex super copy, with normal model. DayTona copies cost much more than other models.

So when you buy these Rolex super copies online, you must be prepared mentally for what you will get. Everyone wants a real Rolex but the truth is it’s really expensive. Not everyone can afford one. I have been dreaming of owning one Rolex day just watch for years and still didn’t get one now.

What I want to say is that although AliExpress have low-end cheap Rolex copies, it doesn’t mean you can’t find high-end Rolex copies there. Asking as many details as possible from the sellers. Even many Chinese sellers like telling lies to sell, you can still learn the truth if you ask enough. 

What acronyms do I use to find Rolex copies on AliExpress ?

It’s not a wise thing to put the original brand name like Rolex in the browser of AliExpress to search Rolex copies. The sellers use acronyms to name the replicas to avoid possible problems with the legal departments of the brands. 

The most common acronyms you can use to search Rolex copies on AliExpress?

  • RLX watch
  • Luxury brand watch
  • Rolexable

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My Knowledges about Rolex Copies in China

Some low-end Rolex copies are with 304L stainless steel which look darker than the real ones. The good ones among the low-end Rolex copies may be with Citizen movements.

As for real Rolex watches, there is a laser crown in the 6pm direction. All super copies will be with this laser crowns like the real ones. Low end won’t have.

VS is the best factory for submariner. But it only makes black and green submariner copies. Its latest movements are 3135 and 3235. 3135 for the version before 2020 while 3235 for the 2020 new version. The old 3135 movement is more stable than the new movement 3235.

Noob factory has 2826 and 3235 movements for the submariner. The copies with 3235 cost a little more. But the 2826 movement is more stable.

Noob factory is best at Daytona. It has a very long history of making Daytona copies. Their own developed 4130 movement is very stable and best among all Chinese movements for Daytona copies.

VS factory doesn’t make daydate and date just serial watches.

AR’s submariner copies are also good but not better than VR.

As for submariner, you can consider VS first, if there is no color like Blue for you, you can consider AR and Noob then.

EW is an old factory. Their watches are most cost-effective. It mainly focuses on day date and date just watches.

Noob factory doesn’t make daydate and date just serial watches too.

Some buyers ask Swiss movements. The truth is that the difference between Swiss movement and Chinese movement for these copies is tiny. Not all models can be equipped with Swiss models. Only a small part can. One common Swiss movement costs $200-$300. Besides the movements, the details and watch making techniques are more important.

The AR3135 movement is not stable and the problems are a little more.

Popular Rolex models among the global buyers:

I’m a royal fan of Rolex. I will share my latest findings about Rolex in my blog regularly. So bookmark my blog or this guide to keep following! Once I get the new informations from Chinese Rolex factories and sellers, I will share here immediately!

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